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Patients with cancer therapy should limit, not eliminate, sun exposure – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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Cancer patients treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy can enjoy the sun, but with great caution. Thus, in addition to being well protected, they should not be exposed to prolonged and limit it to short walks, avoiding the middle of the day (between 12 and 5 o’clock), as explained TodoDermo Pilar Lopez Criado, medical oncologist MD Anderson Cancer center, Madrid, following a statement released by the center on Wednesday 24 June.

  • Regardless of skin type, the photoresist that cancer patients should use is 50

The expert also warns that radiated areas with these treatments should not be given the sun never and, regardless of skin type of the person, the photoresist must be used is 50.

Other suggestions given by López Criado match which any sane individual must follow, “such as using cap sunglasses and gloves, properly hydrate and renew sunscreen every so often.”

SKIN fragile
Take them seriously and it is important to remember that patients undergoing cancer treatment “have a much more fragile skin.” “The chemotherapy adds alters the growing cells and radiation hurts the treated area and directly attacks these cells”, which causes there is a greater ability to get sunburned . For this to happen, López Criado says if the burn is mild enough to “moisturize the area well and is more serious you have to go to the health center and follow the signs.”

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