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Patricia Montero takes care of herself: her beauty and fitness routines during pregnancy

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Patricia Montero has shared a lively lecture-goers with Summer Beauty Day Mujerhoy to tell us how to care during pregnancy, and what their fitness routines and infallible beauty tips.

Patricia Montero is a whirlwind. Not for, is happy, radiant and also more beautiful than ever . Pregnancy has laid great actress and blogger Mujerhoy.com, so, during our Summer Beauty Day, we wanted to tell us what their tricks to care during these months of waiting … and many happy changes are.

A job like yours requires many hours in front of the camera and layers and layers of makeup. So he says Patricia Montero desmaquillarse is the step that never neglects his routine ‘beauty’: “It is a ritual that I have quite made up his mind. Whether you are two in the morning. ” Laziness does not exist for her to care for your skin when it comes. Biphasic mild soap and eye treatment, “that have highly sensitive” are basic.

During the talk colloquium, which moderates our Mujerhoy.com director Laura Pintos, Patry Montero gives us advice to follow: “to feel good you have to sleep 8 hours a day, eat well, exercise … but not worth knowing theory , you have to be consistent and do it for real. Anywhere we are we can feed well, and if you always carry in your bag clothes train disappears laziness because you think ‘I’ve been all day with this in tow, how could I going to use?’ “.

He continues: “Physical activity is essential to feel good. I was born exercising, I can not be without it, I need to dedicate some time each day for me, even if only 15 minutes. ” But how to get one to ‘catch’ the sport? “Whatever it is, you have to like and motivate you . Sport is a therapy. My father always told me that when she was sick was the best time to go training. Do not remove the disease but you are better. “

During pregnancy, Patry Montero has had to adapt their exercise routines, and although never tires of repeating that ” pregnancy is a condition, not a disease , ” says that “I’ll stop when I ask my baby, but now I have more energy than ever, and I’m taking advantage “. So ensure that you can continue your normal routine, adapting in some cases, “always not to exceed 150 beats / minute, without extreme sports … but I even practiced boxing (as told in his blog a few days ago).” In addition, among their favorites in these special months, it is “the TRX , which can be done anywhere and also helps you exercise the pelvic floor; and now I’ll start swimming. “

Your feeding routine is another point Patry Montero sharing with attendees Summer Beauty Day. “I’ve never dieted because I love to eat, and also I have a lot hungrier. My parents always instilled a healthy and fat – free diet, not usually take fried, let alone industrial bakery, I have careful hydrates, I make them at home and try to avoid at night “. Also he confesses or not their most frequent cravings: milk with cocoa and cookies . “Last night fell, but whenever you compaginemos with exercise and we compensate, nothing happens. Other times it ‘change’ for a fruit smoothie, and I remove the anxiety. ” 

Finally, we Confess the secret of success of your blog in Mujerhoy.com! “I am very passionate and I like doing things well and with love. Therefore, in the blog I show myself as I am,  because I love that people feel good and identified with the things that I tell. “

By many more talks, and advice on Mujerhoy.com post, Patry!


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