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Peeling with caffeic acid: the latest in facial rejuvenation – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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“The caffeic acid peel is a novelty that is used to achieve facial rejuvenation , ” says Pedro Herranz, head of Dermatology Department of Hospital Universitario La Paz . This acid is a s Natural ustancia, derived from phenol, “found in vegetables such as coffee” . It is not directly related to caffeine and though its source may be getting coffee, can also be subtracted from other plants.

Among its uses, it indicates Herranz used as “homeopathic product for its immunomodulatory effects and control of blood pressure”. However, its functionality beyond, according to the dermatologist. Thus, “protects cellular DNA, develops a chemopreventive work, is a good anti-fungal, reduces and eliminates pigmentation spots and prevents new hyperpigmentation appear”. Its properties against stains are achieved “by disabling the enzyme tyrosinase, which is part of the process of melanogenesis”.

over other types of peelings, it has the advantage of being ” softer than others, does not irritate and is suitable for all skin types , ” says dermatologist.
These characteristics, together with the possibility of adjusting the acid concentration according to the person and to modulate depth of treatment, give the product a high safety and adaptability to the skin of the person.

It also benefits from many of the properties of phenol, which is used in cases of major skin aging because of its power. In the case of caffeic acid, the performance is more subdued and respectful of the skin, perfect for skin damage being mild to moderate.

Despite being softer than other peelings, Herranz insists that should always be used under medical supervision. It is applied topically and depending on the response of the skin, is allowed to act more or less time ” specifies. Specifically, each layer is allowed to dry acid two three, applying a maximum of five layers in each session, depending on the skin type .

The session ends with a retinol cream 1 percent, which remains eight to twelve hours and removed with facial cleansing, followed by routine creams stipulated by the doctor (moisturizing cosmetics, moisturizers, and repairers stratum horny). After this process has to be repeated “sessions normally made periodically every three or four weeks in cycles of three to four sessions, depending on the person” states Herranz.

After peeling, there may be some drawbacks such as local irritation , according to the expert. Redness and itching disappear with the skin taut hours and lasts several days. Maximum total recovery usually a week, although side effects are not serious and the patient can make life almost normal.

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