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#PeepToesxMujerhoy, chapter 3: Paula Ordovás beauty tips

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Beauty rituals are essential to complete our healthy life. It all adds up , so if we complement healthy eating routine with our sport and proper cosmetics, We will get to feel 100% with ourselves! We just have to ENCONTRA r those products that meet our needs and help us improve these small imperfections such as accumulated fat, flab, cellulite, stretch marks or lack of hydration.

Set a daily beauty ritual and follow it to the letter! It will help you keep hydrated, firm and flawless skin. Here are my tips:

1. To begin, it is very important to cleanse and moisturize the face morning and noch e. We must always go to bed with clean skin because during the night is when our skin regenerates.

2. If you are one of those people who is always running from one place to another, I recommend using Nivea Q10 Under the shower . It gives you an immediate hydration and after that “moment underwater” are ready to get dressed. Delete a process step being perfect and hydrated. It is undoubtedly one of my fetish products.

3. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that after 30 years the skin can lose firmness and elasticity , so always add if we combine our exercise routine cream firming . For those that you may have stretch marks I recommend a more intense hydration. So you thoroughly visibly appearance and you will notice firmer skin.

You, what products you use? I love to hear your rituals Beauty and tips to be beautiful 24 hours a day . Do not forget to share them through the hashtag #PeeptoesxMujerhoy .

Paula,  MyPeepToes

P.S. You want to see a picture of my routine ‘beauty’ and my favorite products? Here I leave a few .

Video: Miguel Castillón / Photo: Manuel Ordovás / Production: Ana Calvo

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