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Paula Ordovás’s advice to run more and better

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In the 4th chapter of #PeepToesxMujerhoy , Paula Ordovás running technique teaches us and gives us a few tricks to improve our personal brand and our style on our training ‘running’.

Does the target after more than two weeks being a ‘runners’? Run 5 kilometers out with a friend and while we train, to keep her conversation … without drowning! If you can run and have a conversation at the same time without choking … You’ve done it ! Running is yours. Have the medal;) “Paula Ordovás encourages us in this new video.

In the upper gallery, we show you some pictures of Manuel Ordovás during the recording of this chapter of ‘running’ . Do you dare to run with #PeepToesxMujerhoy and share your experience to win an exclusive ‘experience fit’ ?


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