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#PeepToesxMujerhoy, video 1: “Running for beginners: tips to motivate you”

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Today finally it is official: I am already a amazing family of MujerHoy.com! Starting a new journey full of illusion and that after weeks of work finally sees the light with a first chapter of many where I will give a thousand ideas and tips to make you feel more beautiful and healthy. For more quereros fight for yourselves and your goals. To be a true #FitGirls from your home and from anywhere in the world. Today, we begin to fight for our dreams together!

Did you know that …

11 months ago did nothing sport?
I did not even have a shoe in my closet and it was unimaginable to me stepping on a gym or go jogging alone (actually, neither alone nor accompanied). Being fit is important for many things. We will reduce the risk of a lot of diseases, will diminish stress, sleep better and control our weight. Still I not convinced you have? Join me in this fitness guide 10 chapters and become a true ‘fit girl’!

Let’s start with the ‘running’  because it is an easy sport to practice and perfect for back in shape and silhouette. By practicing this sport toning the entire body and burn calories …!

It sports fashion and started it can not be easier , so no excuses. Just follow exactly the advice I’ll give to motivate you and then go out. In another video later we will see more advanced topics such as running technique, but that still need to wait a few days and  start at the beginning 🙂

See you
next Monday with new tips that you should follow better!

Remember: Share your questions, opinions and comments via the hashtag
#PeeptoesxMujerhoy and earn a fit experience with me🙂

Paula,  MyPeepToes

P.S. By the way, do not miss  the pictures of the ‘making of’ of this first chapter .

V ideo: Miguel CastillĂłn / Photo: Manuel Ordovás / Production: Ana Calvo 


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