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Perfect eyes behind the crystals

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The glasses are not incompatible with makeup. Do not give him and accentuates your eyes thanks to these tricks. 

It’s not mission impossible, but it has its own codes. We have asked Maite Tusset, senior artist of M · A · C, share them with us. Here are his tips for makeup perfectly when you wear glasses.

Domina look

1. If you have myopia

-the eye is smaller, so the goal is to maximize it and raise it . Use shadows in light colors. Satiny and effect ‘frost’ provide extra light.

-Enmarca the eye with a pencil, black or dark brown , but better on the outside , around the contour. Always look for the tearing effect and blend upward.

-Applies several mask layers on top lashes , but also in the lower, because it is what will dimension the eye.

2. If you have hyperopia

Everything looks bigger, so avoids excessive smoked and strident tones. Maximizes look, but always in a controlled manner: using neutral shades and apply them only in the eyelid.

-Delinea inside the water line intense black or vibrant colors like blue Klein, because the color effect is multiplied.

3. If you have astigmatism

No resizes eyes, but you have to consider other details such as the shape of the glasses or frame color to choose tones that highlight the look. Play with colors and combine them as glasses.

He highlights the mouth

-Traslada the eye of the beholder to that part of your face with intense colors and glow effects . Especially if you have hyperopia and you run the risk that your eyes become too gaudy festival.

Highlights the cheeks 

-The glasses do not have to physically interfere with the ‘blush’ , but if the saddle is very large, apply it in the most central area of the cheekbone . The creamy texture is easier to control because you apply with your fingers.

Eyebrow care

They are in direct contact with the glasses and you have to take that into account when underline them . If you are above the saddle, they can divert attention. So you péinalas up, fill the holes with a pencil and, above all, fíjalas well.








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