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Permanent makeup the best option to be always ready

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For lazy, for emotional, so busy, sports … Even for those who need a touch of correction. The Dermografía is a technique that the same can be extended to all facial features than simply to gain a simple and attractive mole.

Even if you cry, laugh, eat, drink or dive into the pool your ‘eye liner’ and your lipstick will be there with you, not abandon you . What’s more, if your eyebrows are thin and formless, you have drooping eyelids or your lips are thin and asymmetric.

Using this technique , to which is also known as micropigmentation or permanent makeup color corrective makeup, it can become a stroke facial features without using the scalpel.

Perfection and incorruptibility both the design and color makeup, makes the current dermopigmentación an aesthetic option not inconsiderable. Natural and hypoallergenic pigments, suitable for most of the public, do not disperse or lose color.

But beware, permanent does not mean eternal. Its effects are not definitive, but are unchanged for at least two years, allowing fillings and reconstructions that extend their stay. You can not ask for more!


In its development the introduction is used in the dermal tissue of granules of pigments of different colors with the help of microneedles that handle connected to an electrical device (dermography) responsible for causing reciprocating movements necessary for the pigment is deposited on the skin. Depending on what area concerned can also be done manually.  

What is really a prerequisite is to be done by an accredited visagista who has extensive knowledge of colorimetry, the basic rules that govern the colors.

  • Eyebrow:  Even men have realized the enormous advantages posed a few sessions of micropigmentation. Go to this technique both to draw and to shape the eyebrows impoverished, what is known as localized alopecia, this method can draw hair by hair to thicken, lengthen it , to hide scars or even design a nonexistent eyebrow. 
  • Lips:  From correct the corners that sadden falls gesture to create a sensual absent cupid ‘s bow or fill color. All this is within reach of a single session of micropigmentation. 
  • Eyelids: When eyelashes are short or poor, it is also possible to go to micropigmentation to take a soft eyeliner that makes the visual effect of thickening and lengthening lashes and simultaneously corrects drooping eyelid.

This technique should not be confused with tattoo or other methods, since both the products and the system used, and the duration of the results obtained are different. Dermopigmentation is right in the middle level between technical semipermanent makeup and tattoo.

  • Semi-permanent makeup: The final implementation of the pigment is performed in the stratum corneum of the epidermis (surface skin layer) The duration is approximately two weeks. This system is used temporarily to simulate tattoos or pre-test dermopigmentación. It is done by scraping technique, which consists descamar corneal surface of the skin by needles and pigment. 
  • Dermopigmentation: Deposition of the pigments is effected in the subepidermal layer, or in the germinative basal layer. The approximate duration is two years, but will be the natural renewal of skin layers, which determine the elimination of the pigment. Being a definite method needs over time or stuffed reconstructions. 
  • Tattoo: is called as stain drawn produced by insoluble and slightly colored resorbable substances are introduced via transepidermal in the dermis. After they are visible by transparency through the epidermal sheet. The final implementation of the pigment occurs intradermal and duration is short. 

Sessions: The Dermografía adapts to each patient, as well as areas and solve the problem. In all cases a customized prior diagnosis is essential . Before you start performing micropigmentation session tests are done to check the shape and color will be applied, then the treatment begins.

If only it comes to make eye liner may be sufficient two sessions , leaving at least one week in between. In the event that a complete wide eyebrows need sessions increase. The price per session is, approximately 150 euros.

– Directions:

Clinic London
. Spain. Tel. 902 66. December 33

Centro Ana Cascales
. C / Lagasca, 48 Tel. 902 877 547 (Madrid).

Aesthetically study
. C / Doctor Fleming, 50. Tel. 91 458 January 00 (Madrid).

Aurora Sabater.
C / Forge, 138 Tel. 93 200 29 75 (Barcelona).

Popea Aesthetic Center
. C / Ecuador 73 Tel. 986 41 46 48 Vigo (Pontevedra).

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