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With the arrival of cold people forget the risks of sunlight during the winter months. At this time, although less solar radiation and its effects there are accumulated on the skin, causing at least photoaging and other damage, such as sunspots, and in the worst cases of skin cancer.

Rosa Melero, vowel Dermopharmacy in Pharmacists Association Vizcaya recalls are ultraviolet (UV), within electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun with different wavelengths, visible light and infrared. Thus, in winter UVA “they predominate on UVB”.

  • Autoimmune disease patients, pregnant women and those with skin and vascular disorders should be protected more

Recall that the former are those that ” down into the deeper layers of the dermis, where free radicals are generated ,” that cause cellular alterations and cause premature skin aging (wrinkles, spots and loss of elasticity), moreover cancer and allergies. Instead, UVB they penetrate less easily filtered with glasses, glass, clothing and sunscreens, and depress the immune system in long exposures.

Apart from this difference, the expert notes that in winter “radiation increases with latitude and height (each 300 m is increased by 4 percent); Additional snow reflects 85 percent of UV radiation and can intensify “. “I must be taken into account if we go to the mountain, snow, outdoor work, practice winter sports or we take a stroll along the beach at this time of year.”

To do this, he insists that the photoprotection should be standard practice throughout the year . “The snow lovers and winter sports should exercise caution as regards photoprotection, because three factors affecting aggressively on the skin are combined: the radiation itself, altitude and reflection snow . But every day is necessary to use products suitable for each type of user, according to their characteristics, skin type and activity “sunscreen.

In these cases, mentioned intensify the photoresist on “people with white skin and light eyes (phototype I and II), which are generally more sensitive to the sun, with freckles and / or stains, children, people with a history of cancer skin and elders “among others.

In his view, the protection against UVA “must be proportional, according to the Colipa method, which provides the product against the type, specifically, at least 1/3 B ultraviolet rays. For example, if the sun protection factor (SPF) is 15, protection against UVA will be five ‘.

Although argues that “product recommendation will be individualized , ” says that there is a “wide range of people to be protected more , for example, patients with autoimmune diseases, to be protected from the sun even in winter and although not shine, because rays can provoke outbreaks and photosensitivity reactions such as rash, fever, fatigue, joint swelling and pain. “

Also it refers to pregnant and people with skin and vascular disorders, with concomitant treatment with drugs photosensitive and those with a history of cancer.

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