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Photoprotection for bald people – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Hair is a very important barrier to sunlight, as this area is a very sensitive area and exposed to sunlight. Prevents sunburn, premature aging of the skin, the appearance of unsightly stains, actinic keratosis and even skin cancer.

For high exposure areas such as bald advise:

• A high photoresist (50 +) combining a physical and chemical filter, especially in summer and if exposure is prolonged. And for the rest of the year a sunscreen SPF 30.

• The selection of anger photoresist depending on skin type if it is oily, mixed or dry.

• It is important to seek advice from the pharmacist and ask for some sample to test product texture.

• If the person has oily skin advise photoprotective transparent spray without alcohol or gels oil-free, of mattifying effect, always watching their composition and avoiding chemical filters that can cause allergy, such as benzophenone-3, octyl-dimethyl-PABA, Homosalate, Octinosate (Octyl Methoxycinnamate) and benzylidene camphor-Methyl. Octocrylene, although it is a good sunscreen, sunscreen is usually in spray and should not be used in people with atopic or sensitive skin. (Information provided by Dr. López Heras)

• For combination skin , a fluid would be the right thing.

Dry skin a sunscreen cream.

• In the case of eagles who have been very exposed to sunlight, with stains and signs of small keratoses, I advise a photoresist high Photolyase filter. It is a DNA repair enzyme, which comes from marine plankton, corrects the deleterious effects of ultraviolet radiation and reduces the risk of sunburn and weakening of the immune system that occurs during sun exposure. You can also repair the damage actinic years.

• Use after exposure one cream after sun with regenerating and hydrating active as dexpanthenol, Photolyase, aloe, vitamin E and allantoin.

• And most important to cover your head with a hat, light colored and breathable fabric.


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