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‘PhysioLift’, new anti-aging range from Avène – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Avène (Pierra Fabre) presented PhysioLift , a new anti – aging range intended for dry, normal and combination skin. It has products for the day (a cream and an emulsion) and night (a balm, a product that fills wrinkles, Precision, and eye care).

The line has three active star: hyaluronic acid, retinaldehído and ascofilline. The range has a great novelty, is that Avène has established what is the proper size of the acid molecule for greater efectividad.Hace ten years and found out how to split this molecule, so that further penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. With the new discovery also allow the product stimulates receptors located in the skin.

Furthermore, after studying the brown alga brown Ascophyllum nodosum , they discovered the active ascofilline, a compound that have patented Pierre Fabre and can stimulate the synthesis of collagen I and IV , two of the pillars of the structure of the skin along with the hyaluronic acid.

Finally, the retinaldehído, is a component that already included 20 years in your product Hyseal . “After years of research have not come up with an asset more effectively , ” explained Cristina Castillo, product manager of Avène , at the official presentation of PhysioLift held on Thursday 15 October in Madrid. It is an ingredient that stimulates the skin ‘s metabolism and proliferation of keratinocytes and ensures good skin architecture.

The -destinada to dry and very secas- emulsion skins and skins -for normal or mixtas-, both day care cream include an extra asset: the pre-tocopheryl , which exerts an antioxidant action . Also they possess tensioners, diffusers wrinkle and nacres brightening agents.

PhysioLift night added hesperidin-metilchalcona to detoxify the skin and it to rest during sleep. It is acting on the microcirculation and on the glycation of collagen. PhysioLift eye care advantage dextran sulfate to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

“This new range aims to fight skin aging, avoiding deep wrinkles, deep lines and loss of brightness.”

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