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Pregnancy in summer: Seven tips to make it more bearable

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Summer is the time of year that produces more discomfort to pregnant due to high temperatures, the effects of sun exposure and the risk of dehydration. To help expectant moms to manage problems that may arise, the gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr. Sophie Fournier, provides in disfrutatuembarazo.com , ISDIN, tips on how to make summer more bearable. 

1. wears comfortably and fresh feel . It is customary noticed a little swollen in the summer, so tight clothing will be very uncomfortable. Why the expert advised to choose large, fresh and light – colored clothes to match flat shoes.  

2. Salt, in the right measure . If the legs are swollen at the end of the day or increases the feeling of heaviness, avoid salty foods and try not to stay long standing stop. It is advisable to place the feet up and to massage with leg gel. 

3. Water your ally. Bathing in the sea or pool can be done until late in pregnancy, although, in the opinion of the gynecologist, in recent weeks is wise not to spend much time submerged.  

4. Absolute protection . Pregnant women can also sunbathe, although at this time increases the risk of skin spots, especially on the face (chloasma), so it is necessary fotoprotegerse well or look for shaded areas. In these cases, products with UVA recommended SPF 61 and 118, which are suitable for preventing pigmentation abnormalities produced by sunlight. 

5. Maximum hydration. Drink water and eat fresh fruit (watermelon or pineapple) moisturise and also have a slight diuretic effect very beneficial. If we unite to take a cold tea daily, it is a natural way to keep liquids. According to Dr. Fournier, in summer it is necessary to increase the intake of fruit and vegetables. At this time of year should follow a healthy diet because they crave fresh foods such as salads, gazpacho and fruit. Yes, we must take precautions for their conservation and avoid mayonnaises, sauces with egg craft and foods containing cream. 

6. Several meals a day . So that no sudden dizziness or brownouts occur it is advisable to eat every two or three hours a small snack, drink water and avoid activities in the hours of maximum heat.

7. Moderate activity . Staying active is beneficial to avoid excessive weight gain and the risk of stretch marks appearing. 

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