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Prepare the skin for the Sun

In Skin Care Tips

It’s spring and every day is less for the arrival of summer, and this means that very soon we will expose our skin to the sun. So if you have planned

a beach day on days you have at Easter.
Why now is the time to prepare your skin for these first exposures to the sun.

In doing so, we will
make the sun ‘s rays do not cause damage to our skin during this season, which is just dragging along our lives.


The ideal is to
increase consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in lycopene, beta – carotene and vitamin C, such as for example pumpkin, lemon, orange, carrots, watermelon or tomato.

Exfoliate and Moisturize:

It is also advisable exfoliate to remove impurities and dead cells, since thus the epidermis is renewed and tanning is favored.
In this sense, it is very important to

moisturize the skin properly.

Food supplements:

On the
other hand, about 15 days before exposing the skin to sunlight preparers can use specific products to increase the resistance of the skin against the rays and thus reduce

skin reactions.


Another way to prepare the skin is coloring it
before using sunless tanning, if you have very pale skin, so get started natural tanning process while minimizing

damage exposure. 


Finally, when the time comes to sun exposure, it
is especially important to tell a high protection factor.

Keep in mind expirations.
We can not have a full effectiveness of an open Fotoprotector last season. 

And it is imperative to
choose the protector that fits best with your skin type. There are plenty of alternatives on the market so we can adjust that suits us best and

who better than your pharmacist to recommend the most appropriate?


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