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Prepare your skin for a special event

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that time of year when the sun begins to shine is approaching, the days get longer, the spring stretches and events and family gatherings are also multiplied. Thus, couples decide to get married, and seeks and finds any reason to get together and celebrate. We talk about those occasions where happiness reigns, those weddings or parties that stretch until dawn and, of course, we love to go. But, yes, we would go spotless.

So, before the peak season for outdoor events begins, we are going to give some
tips to prepare your skin so that it looks much or more than your smile.

As we discussed in
previous post , it is fundamental to our skin arrives in the best possible conditions phase.

We must proceed to
make a clean deep a few weeks before the event and a softer one week earlier. Also, the combination of deep cleansing with a moisturizing deep , combining it with an instant treatment as Flash blisters, Will provide a more concentrated nutrition content of tissue needed to give your skin look more luminous .

We suggest for the first phase maid
exfoliation gentle but thorough, allowing remove impurities carp cornea.
We are aware that at this time of year such meetings will be outdoors and that’s something to consider for the
previous skin care .
Consider the circumstances to which our skin will be exposed:

For all these little circumstances resulting from this party so magnificent that you enjoyed, now is the time for
your skin back to normal .
We recommend using a
mild cleanser that respects the most of your skin type, and try to be the first wash as you get home. ¿Why is it so important? Sustained and unusual aggression skin can cause mild irritation or secondary dehydration. It’s simple: clean your face, hidrátalo and … it will be ready for the upcoming wedding!

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