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Pretty up in the gym: Tips to make up at the time of exercise

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With the help of some cosmetics and these simple tips, your face will look flawless and natural before and during your routine to burn calories.

We are overblown, so what?
It is part of the feminine essence, and certainly not only brings to the workplace, or an exit, since we carry 24 hours a day.

As in our work, exercise has taken center
stage and is now a fundamental part of our routines, we want to help you look looks amazing even when you cultivate your body, so then we give you some
tips to have a perfect makeup to time to go to the gym or do any physical activity.

If you use
mascara during the day, try to be waterproof , as the exercise will make transpires and that can make it run. If you prefer to avoid looking like a raccoon, another good option istransparent masks that also serve to fix your lashes and make your eyes look more natural and youthful.

eyeliner pencils can also help you make your look, without overburdening. Of course, it prefers the range of cafes, so they look more sober.

Indispensable in women ‘s
makeup are the
dark circles top and compact powder s, however when going to the gym or go jogging must be careful in how they apply. If you want to cover your eyes shade under occupies only a little of this product and if you want to fix it, use some dust in this area.

A good idea is to
use a
BB cream in this part, so you board it up dark circles and humectarás this area. The grace of these products is that it is made based on creams, so your skin will absorb it and not so easily run with perspiration.

Another recommendation:
do not apply blush foundation or the rest of your face , because it will be a waste of time. With exercise our face will take more color than usual, so give an artificial tone of previous form will only make you look overdone.

Strong and impactful on the lips colors are great for special occasions or elaborate looks, but when working your body this should not prevail.
Prefer pink or nudes tones and complement them with some gloss that gives a touch of moisture to your mouth. So look more fleshy, sensual, and not dry up like a raisin old.

They are part of our face, so we must not forget them
. Eyebrows should also be prepared to exercise routine, so
you péinalas with a special brush or fíjalas can just type with a transparent Vaseline (there are some special market) or a mask transparent eyelashes and so will give a special touch to your face.

Although the hair does not have to do with the makeup itself is a complement to it.
So when you make exercise, always
tries to take taken with a ponytail or a tomato. This will allow you to feel less heat in the neck and neck at the same time will make your upper sleeker look than usual.

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