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Prevent the effects of the sun with our Photo-Age ampoules

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After talking about our most veteran blisters and pack of liposomes , today we we discuss the benefits of our ampoules of proteoglycans Photo-Age. Do you know? Part of the Platinum MartiDerm or, as we call affectionately family, ” the silvery blisters.

Its composition makes them
unique in all our ampoules of proteoglycans. They have 3% of
proteoglycans , 15% of vitamin C pure and an antiradical and repair complex.

This combination of ingredients not only makes this ampoule moisturise and firm to the known action of the
proteoglycan , but also high concentration of pure vitamin C plays an important role.

In addition to exercising a function
antioxidant , the pure Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagenskin, thus slowing aging. It is even considered a great ally in controlling the appearance of spots, to improve and unify the skin tone.

The name of blisters Photo-Age is due to its
antiradical complex and refreshing , which helps us eliminate damage day after day produce solar radiation and accumulate on the skin. Ie helps to treat and prevent sun damage and, with it, the photoaging .

For this reason, who would recommend its use?
Sometimes we fall into the mistake of thinking it’s just an ampoule for mature skin because it has a more intense action, but it is not.

Since I
live in a country with plenty of sunshine and we love to go out and enjoy the outdoors, it would be perfect for anyone who already use or raise test our Blisters include in your routine. As we have said before, it is not a matter of age, but of necessity and preventive care .
They can be used in a timely manner as shock treatment , for example, with every change of season, or as an ampoule for continued use. That is, we can apply them in combination, alternating with either blisters Basic Line which we have spoken already.

Of course,
in the case of skin with hyperpigmentation , it is those that will recommend therefore combined within a depigmentation protocol , using this ampoule Photo-Age will help and greatly enhance its effects.

Mode remains the habitual use: apply ½ blister on the face, neck and décolleté, morning and / or evening, before the usual cream.
We must remember that it is not convenient to keep it open longer than 24 hours.

Its texture is that of an extremely light dry oil, which provides a pleasant feeling of comfort and absorbs quickly.
It contains an allergenic fragrance , which gives a scent that gets give us a greater sense of pleasure.

Except in cases of highly reactive or sensitive to vitamin C skin (always speak of pure vitamin C 15%), they are
directed to all skin types : from the dry to the fat , through the normal-mixed . Each will, in addition, appropriate treatment for their needs.

Today we talked about our blisters Photo-Age.
Do not hesitate to follow attentive to our blog for all the news and new content we go posting.
Are you ready to give way to our blister Photo-Age?

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