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The two products would be indicated to treat this type of skin. The formulation of both is aimed at improving the three conditions presented by this person. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of treatment using a fairly complete option would be to use Azelac gel and add other routines to your facial care.

Rosaderm fast it contains extracts of Ruscus aculeatus, Chamomilla recutita, zinc acetate and alpha bisabolol, assets conferred moisturizing, soothing and treating sensitive skin cuperósicos, has a quick action against redness snapshots (flushing or flushing) and permanent (blotches) and exerts an increased resistance of the capillaries while decongestion favors.

Azelac gel contains three main active the Azeoglicina, phytosphingosine and Silymarin.

The Azeloglicina ® combines the properties of azelaic acid and moisturizing action of glycine (a molecule of azelaic acid and two glycine). It has a soothing and anti – radical action, fighting redness and impurities accompanying the couperosis; seborreguladora action exerts a decreasing sebum secretion and removing blackheads and inhibits tyrosine synthesis, homogenizing the skin color. Also has anti – aging and anti – wrinkle properties . Increases hydration and skin elasticity.

The phytosphingosine is a natural skin lipid and part in the formation of most of ceramides, has a natural action that reduces irritation.

The Silybum marinum (silymarin) has a calming, soothing and antioxidant action, camouflaging redness of the skin prone to blotchiness.

Regarding the dosage , the manufacturer laboratory this gel employing nanotechnology, ie contains Liposomes some active ingredients, ensuring constant bioavailability and many other advantages as more effective at lower concentrations or penetration into deeper layers of the skin.

We must convey the importance of the l facial Unblocking with suitable products such as micellar solution for sensitive or reactive “Daily Care” from Rilastil skins; recommend the application of a specific face mask like Uriage least function 2 times per week, is to limit triggers and aggravating factors couperose / rosacea and protect the vascular system.

Finally we can report the advantages of a cream with specific color , which can be Roséliane CC cream Uriage, Rosaliac CC cream La Roche-Posay or BB cream Filorga covering enough imperfections and contain sunscreens so your application day is indicated.

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