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Properly hydrating our skin

In Skin Care Tips

Beauty and the state of our skin depends on 90% of proper hydration . Something we can not ignore if we want to enjoy a careful, healthy and beautiful skin.

Factors such as stress, environmental pollution, snuff, alcohol or exposure to the
sun without
sunscreen can affect it , causing it to dry and lose its natural moisture.

Hydration can help counteract these unwanted effects can be performed in two ways:
Externally : using moisturizing creams and moisturizers to help us look healthy and luminous skin.
Internally : drinking at least 2 liters of water a day to remove toxins (about 8 glasses of water) and including in our daily diet, fruits , since more than 80% and even 90% in some fruits is water and vegetables in this way we provide vitamins; Vitamins that bring more benefits to our skin are vitamin A, C, E and minerals as selenium and magnesium, they are critical for preserving the elasticity and skin hydration.

Moisturizers should be our best ally and summer, as they provide the skin with the components necessary to enable it to retain water , preventing it from drying. There are many types on the market, however when choosing one or the other, we must consider a number of factors:

We must know our skin type , to apply moisturizers to the needs of our skin hydration and age, another determining factor when choosing a type of cream or another.

– We should note that moisturizer day should not be the same as that used at night , because during sleep regeneration of skin cells is higher, and therefore is ideal for applying time creams remedial and more nutritious, unlike moisturizer day, where its role must be more moisturizing and protecting the external agents such as sun, cold, wind, pollution …

In summer we change the type of moisturizer, because in the summer, heat and high temperatures cause different needs in our skin . During the cold winter, moisturizers should be more nutritious and more dense textures, while in summer should be creams with more water and lighter, even gel for combination skin textures. Sweat causes a great loss of water in the skin, dehydrating easier than in winter, so the cream should be tailored to the needs of each season.

An alternative to your moisturizer during the holidays, is the moisturizer Ladival summer or
After Sun Ladival as it ensures excellent skin care during the day, free of ingredients that can penetrate the skin and then cause possible phototoxic reaction due to Sun. Formulation without preservatives, colorings and perfumes, and its high content of bisabolol, soothes and refreshes the skin in warm months, especially in combination to oily skin.

It is important that Before applying the cream, cleanse our skin properly. Thus we remove dead cells and dust particles which have accumulated, preventing the skin from breathing properly.

In each wash the skin loses about 25% of its natural moisture , so it is important to use soaps that dry out the skin not excessively and follow a few tips:

showering with warm water and for no longer than 5 minutes.

using a shower gel non – foaming or bubbles , thereby assured that does not contain detergents, since they eliminate the natural fat of the skin.

dry off with a soft towel to avoid irritating the skin

These tips will get proper hydration and our skin is light, soft and pretty.

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  1. October 15, 2013 – 12:57

    Certainly water consumption in amounts improves the quality of our skin much.

    • October 21, 2013 – 10:20

      Food Handler Hi,

      We agree with you. Having a good skin depends largely on good hydration. Drink water and eat foods with high concentrations of it, like fruit and vegetables, help eliminate toxins and provide vitamins that stimulate the good health of our skin.

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