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Propylene glycol, glycerol and liquid polyethylene glycols, active moisturizers for the elderly – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Skin in old age has a major shortcoming and their reduced ability to retain water, which often results in skin xerosis. To cope with this problem and other derivatives, such as senile pruritus and eczema by dryness, Eva Maria Sanz, nurse and social educator of the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology recommends applying creams emollients consisting of propylene glycol, glycerol and polyethylene glycols liquids two or three times a day to slow the evaporation of water, especially after showering.

“It is important that after showering apply a moisturizer all over the body. If you have very dry skin we recommend complete skin care by applying a nourishing cream at night. In the case in the arms and legs along with rough skin, wrinkled, thin and transparent, we must use specific products that promote skin regeneration, “explains Cristina Castillo, head of Avene anti-aging product.

Antonio Sahuquillo, the Dermatology Department of the University Hospital and Polytechnic La Fe , Valencia, adds that could also be employed bath oils, producing a degree of hydration to create an occlusive layer on the skin, avoiding the loss of endogenous water.

If there are areas exposed to moisture or macerated , generally located in folds, such as genital and inguinal area (especially if incontinence), “should be used creams or barrier products containing zinc oxide which possess astringent, decongestant and protector. Good to know that their removal from the skin is made with oils and not water , “explains Sanz.

Before applying creams, hygiene step can not forget, because it contributes to the prevention of skin problems, improves blood circulation and contributes to personal well – being.

Even so, follow a set of guidelines, since ” baths or showers or excessive use of soaps may pose a skin aggression that causes a marked transepidermal water loss , ” emphasizes Sahuquillo. To do so, he asserts that a shower short day is sufficient, and may employ syndet soaps without detergents, which produce less aggression.

Sanz considers only necessary to wash daily face, hands and genitals. It also proposes to use a small amount of soap and is pH neutral (about 5). “Special attention should rinse to remove soap scum and thorough drying of the folds.”

Also keep in mind, as indicated  by Castillo, who “hot baths no benefit and may enhance the dryness

of the skin. “

While choosing fabrics clothing is not something trivial . In fact, the nurse suggests employing natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk, which facilitate transpiring and body temperature. Garments also serve as physical sunscreens, such as glasses, a hat.

“While it is true that most of the sun damage is probably produced during the years of youth, it is always advisable to use physical measures and sunscreen to prevent sun damage continue accumulating. In this way we aim to reduce the probability of new premalignant lesions such as actinic keratosis or skin cancer , “recalls resident.

To understand all this care, Sahuquillo explains what features have these skin types: “Over the years the cells decrease their ability to divide, which is a worse response to sun damage, a decrease in regeneration capacity before any kind of aggression and loss of properties nails and hair. “

Due to the inherent loss of elastic and collagen fibers of the dermis, and a greater tendency to acute transepidermal loss, wrinkles of the skin are emphasized, with greater latitude thereof . These intrinsic changes are accentuated in sun – exposed skin in those areas with high cumulative sun damage.

“The fibroblast function change, mechanisms are accentuated collagen degradation, UV directly alter the elastic fibers. All this translates into more wrinkled, rough, thin, transparent and the appearance of skin pigmentation spots, “says Castle.

Sahuquillo continues: “As the degenerative process affects the collagen and elastic fibers of the vessel walls, the known senile purpura manifests with minimal trauma, which is not the reflection of some unable vessels properly retain blood inside, with its output abroad with minimal damage. “

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