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Proteum Serum

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MartiDerm reaches a new concept in skin care: philosophy smart aging .

Our more than 65 years of history support the reliability and effectiveness of our products and thus our
formula smart aging is suited to every need of skin and lifestyle. We hear and we provide everything you need to make you feel good. MartiDerm choose a product is to make it smart or smart , take care of him to prevent, accompany aging or aging .

Our line Black Diamond updates its image, and with it our Sérum PROTEUM.
Original packaging, in black and light to carry, is our new Sérum PROTEUM Easy Go. But we can also find an
elegant glass format opa co, with a sophisticated and delicate image.

Its benefits remain the same in both containers: to
provide a hydration ultraintensiva our proteoglycans
PROTEUM 89+, proteoglycans art, able to penetrate into the deeper layers and to stimulate the endogenous synthesis of collagen and elastin .
Your cell reparative get correct damage caused in the DNA and improve the natural ability of skin defense.

In addition, its vitamin complex gives an antioxidant that brightens and prevents skin aging.

Daily use morning and / or evening it the ideal complement to our
blisters proteoglycan with pure vitamin C creams or our daily treatment.

Suitable for all skin types, leaves no one indifferent to its light texture and velvety, able to soothe even the most sensitive skin sensation.
Recommended for both men and women, it is your best kept secret for smart lifestyle.

Our line Black Diamond will make your skin is repaired, it reaffirms and be able to control the passage of time. Do you dare to discover our concept smart aging ?

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