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Psoriasis: bathing on the beach helps reduce desquamation – Pharmacy Post – Todo Dermo

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The seawater , for its salt content, has “a moisturizing effect on the plates when flakes , it helps soften as arising” explains TodoDermo Miquel Ribera, a dermatologist at University Hospital Parc Tauli in Sabadell. Since Action Psoriasis also attribute the beneficial properties of the salt water composition “with minerals, such as sodium, magnesium, bromine, iodine and calcium.”

Besides water, the sand beach “has an abrasive effect on hyperkeratotic plaques of psoriasis that can help reduce flaking , ” said Ribera. Instead, both saltwater and erosion of sand clarifies cause itching and stinging for cracks and skin wounds. “Often lesions of psoriasis patients bite and scratch wounds being caused , ” he adds.

Sunbathing is good for people with psoriasis because it reduces inflammation . And that “ultraviolet radiation A and B have an immunosuppressive effect on the skin” details. This expert says that the sun is recommended in 90 percent of patients, although there are exceptions: “We must avoid exposing the case of pustular psoriasis or people who have previously found that his psoriasis worsens with the sun”. And he insists caution in children, using physical filters.

To avoid sunburn , which worsen the disease, Ribera recommends “unfiltered sun for 15 minutes to take advantage of the effects of ultraviolet radiation. If we are to spend more time in the sun sunscreen should be applied factor of 50+. ” Montserrat Pérez, dermatologist at the Dermatology Clinic Moragas, Barcelona, recalled that measures photoprotection should be the same as in people without psoriasis , “No sun at noon, wear hats and umbrellas and lotions after the beach”.

But be careful with hair, as the sea water and the sun has negative effects on it . “Like people without psoriasis, hair dries and becomes more brittle. It is therefore important to use shampoos and moisturizing masks in summer to protect both the scalp and the hair fiber , “says Ribera.

Despite all the benefits that the beach has to control the symptoms of psoriasis, Bank warns that can never replace medical or cosmetic treatments . “The patterns of self – care should be kept in summer as in the rest of the year, the only difference is that we must increase the application of moisturizing cosmetics because more frequent baths and showers cause dry skin and injuries” Ribera concludes.

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