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Psoriasis of the hands and feet and chronic eczema, skin diseases that can occur with more pain – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Psoriasis hands and feet, EOLP mouth, canker sores and chronic eczema are within the skin diseases that can cause more pain to the patient, caused mainly by the appearance of cracks. There are also other diseases in which the algias are present due to infectious pictures with great swelling. Is the case of infectious cellulitis, abscesses epidermal cysts or hidradenitis, erythema nodosum and even burns-through grade and intense solar, as mentioned Eduardo Lauzurica of Clinical Dermatology Group Pedro Jaen , located Central in Madrid.

  • Neuropathic pain is manifested as a burning sensation, with sharp paroxysms

Although these diseases can occur with pain, the expert insists that the predominant symptom is itching, although many affected is a variant of pain . This may be true if one looks at the definition of pain, according to which it is unpleasant and painful sensation experienced anywhere in the body. “When we scratch we are improving an unpleasant itching sensation we call that is picked up by a neural receptors following nerve pain pathways , ” he says.

In any case, the management of pain in the skin is linked to the improvement of the causative process. Therefore, “you can not give a general remedy for such a variety of diseases.”

Lauzurica also mentions neuropathic pain, which is “one that manifests as a burning sensation, with sharp or electric paroxysms accompanied by changes in sensation, as an annoyance to rubbing or altered perception.” “-continued- pain signals originating specialized nerves called nociceptors, which detect things as temperature and painful stimuli direct skin”.

  • When we are improving scratch an unpleasant itching sensation we call

The dermatologist says the conditions in which you can:

Skin Dysesthesias , such as burning mouth syndrome, vulvodynia, escrotodinia, scalp (temporal arteritis), etc.

erythromelalgia , which causes skin redness, heat and pain in extremities paroxysmal form. Pain increases with heat and pressure and improves with cold.

• The allodynia , which is defined as pain when touching the skin. Refer patients with fibromyalgia symptoms of cutaneous allodynia and dysesthesia level of twinges, burn or scald, winding type movements.

Tumors , as leiomyoma (smooth muscle tumor), angiomas, glomus tumor or cutaneous endometriosis.

NOTALGIA PARESTHETICA , presented with itching and discomfort in upper back and dorsal nerves area. It is accompanied by a brown stain with milk in the area called amyloidosis spotted.
• herpetic neuralgia and postherpetic reactivation of the chickenpox virus in the territory of a sensory nerve.

Dysesthesia acral neuropeptidérgica .

How to Treat
But how to address the pain in these skin diseases? Lauzurica as it is in terms of the process and evolution. Thus, “topical agents such as capsaicin, lidocaine anesthetic or EMLA type are used. It also uses regional sympathetic blocks, epidural and intrathecal block, the selective blocking, nerve roots and techniques such as acupuncture, spinal cord stimulation and massage “.

As for the systemic treatment, she says performing with “anticonvulsants, gabapentin and antidepressants. In some cases we resort to opioids, corticosteroids, relaxation and hypnosis “.

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