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Psoriasis: the correction makeup completes the multidisciplinary approach – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The multidisciplinary approach of psoriasis  involving dermatologists, primary care, rheumatologists, psychologists and pharmacists, among other health professionals, adds a new element: the therapeutic corrective makeup , according to TodoDermo Maite Embid, nurse Department of Dermatology at the Hospital Ramon y Cajal, Madrid.

  • Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid has Therapeutic Unit Makeup Corrector

For further information on this topic, Embid gave this Saturday, October 29th, the workshop not look at me, look now , under the I Spanish Congress of Patients with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, organized by Psoriasis Network, with the collaboration of the Spanish academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and the National Association of Health (ANIS).

“This workshop came in 2008 when Pedro Jaen, Head of Service, found that cancer patients after treatment were not fully healed by the emotional factor which involved the aesthetic consequences”. From that moment, the Service Ramon y Cajal Dermatology created the Therapeutic Unit Makeup Corrector where it belongs Embid team is dedicated to teach patients how to hide injuries with makeup and accept his own image . “The workshop will cater to people with all types of skin diseases such as psoriasis , vitiligo or melasma , as well as to all those affected with diseases that have aesthetic consequences” details. Therefore, “physicians of any specialty derive this unit to their patients receive treatment image when an alteration affecting them physically and psychologically there , ” he says.

Protocol in PSORIASIS

“The development of the workshop is held with three sessions per person, although high, depends on the individual and the evolution of the disease , ” he qualifies. During the first meeting , he explains valued the initial situation of the individual : age, sex, attitude and personal style, including how to dress.

Also, when there are skin disorders, such as psoriasis, the skin condition is analyzed : “In these cases proceed to cleanse and moisturize skin dermatologically tested products, and identify if their needs are oriented to hide injuries or unify the color of the skin”. This expert recalled that the case of psoriasis , “the main objective is to conceal the desmacación and redness” . In his experience, own manifestations of the disease, concealer makeup is applied in both the face and hands and all parts of the body where there are injuries and sometimes paint their nails, but always after applying topical treatment.

  • The workshop is taught in three sessions although the high depends on the evolution of each person

Regarding the makeup used in this workshop, Embid says that all are of the Roche-Posay, laboratory collaborates with this initiative.

Other factors, such as attending an event or the look daily , also work: “For example, for work use a softer makeup; But if it is a special occasion to give them the tools that they can prepare for that day. “

After the third session is given discharge, although some people often refer questions after therapy. At this point, Embid insists that ” it is imperative that not perceive its image as something awful and rest assured painted themselves” .

This whole process is linked to ” the daily living of the disease from a social point of view that includes psychological aspects and the fight against social stigma , ” as said Celia Marín, president of Psoriasis Network, speaking at the congress. During this event, other workshops on the role of associations, use of social networks and the doctor – patient relationship developed. Lluis Puig, head of the Dermatology Department of Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona, highlighted “the importance of communication between doctors from different specialties given the comorbidities that exist, such as obesity and hypertension.”

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