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The report Consumer Insights 2017 , prepared by the consulting Third-i for Cosmetics Europe , provides a snapshot at European level of consumer perceptions of the cosmetics industry about their products. To conduct the research was conducted an online survey of 4,116 consumers in April 2017 in ten Member States of the EU from different regions ( France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria )

According to the results of this study, cosmetics and personal care products used by European consumers play a vital role in their health and hygiene to look good and feel safer. Thus, the study reveals that 71 percent of European consumers who use them consider to be important or very important products in their daily lives.

The study also reveals what the most important elements in the purchasing decision are cosmetics and personal care products . The quality and efficiency, with 87 and 86 percent, respectively , prevailing ahead of issues such as price.

Finally, 70 percent of European consumers have positively indicated that they can easily access information about these products, plus the 68 percent say they find is what they want . Thus, these results highlight the commitment of an industry that cares about providing effective communication which can facilitate the buying decision process.

Within the high perceived importance, there are some understandable differences in use and attachment to different cosmetics and because gender and geography are determining factors in how much value attributed to them. Regional differences and frequency of use also seem to influence the perceived value.

The research highlights, for example, that the care products and sun protection are considered by 75 percent of respondents in southern Europe as important or very important, while only 32 percent of the Nordic consumers are of agreement.

It’s no wonder the title role of this industry in Europe, since it is present in the lives of millions of Europeans, still the world’s largest market for perfumes and cosmetics, with more than 77,000 million euros consumption per year and around 2 million jobs, 25,000 of which scientists throughout the European continent.

How cosmetics influence on the quality of life?

European consumers know what they want and are looking for quality of life with their decisions. When asked about it , they choose health and personal hygiene as the most important criteria for quality of life, placing even above financial stability or a job they like. In this regard, 72 percent of respondents say that cosmetics and personal care products improve their quality of life.

The report also supports the idea that cosmetics and personal care products play an important role in building self – esteem of people and improve their social interactions every day: 80 percent of consumers said they are important or very important to increase their self – esteem .

Even more revealing is the strength of this connection. Of respondents who say they are important to improve self – esteem, 74 percent say they are effective in achieving this goal , this being almost uniform among all age groups surveyed opinion.

There is no doubt that for European consumers, the use of cosmetics is linked to their quality of life and carries a clear social component. Thus, 68 percent of consumers consider them valuable in the face of the image will perceive others, while 60 percent say they help them interact with others the way they want.

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