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Rare tips for weight loss that do work

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It may seem strange, but these actions if they become habits, help you lose weight.   

1. Drinking warm water. The warm water makes you feel satiated faster than cold water and help you eat less. If you find it difficult to drink warm water, add a bag of herbal tea for a change taste.  

2. Less TV.  We eat more if we distracted front of a screen. In addition, watch less television will help you lose weight because you spend less time sitting and burn more calories. It seems a joke but burn more calories sleeping on the couch in front of the TV. 

3. Do not eat in your pajamas or tracksuit.  Studies show that when we eat more extensive or elastic clothing. Ideally eat our clothes size but a little tight and we immediately remember when we are going on with the food.  

4. Eating probiotic foods . Bacteria play an important role in our metabolism and our appetite. Increasing the amount we eat foods rich in probiotics we can lose weight without cutting calories. 

5. Add a little spice.  Several recent studies show that eating spicy foods, specifically cayenne, speeds up metabolism. These studies also showed that after eating spicy food less is eaten at the next meal. 

6. Drink wine.  For reasons that researchers can not yet explain, in research overweight women who drink a day one or two glasses of wine kilos earn less than non – drinking no wine. The trick is not passed from the two glasses, from that amount, at least in the tests, you begin to gain weight.

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