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Recover skin after Summer

In Skin Care Tips

With the sun, the heat of summer and the sea water or pool and, on many occasions, without adequate sun protection, skin becomes drier and one aspect

is off Regain your skin after abuses summer following 5 simple tips.

On vacation we tend to
forget some essential products for the care of our skin and the sun, summer heat and seawater or pool and, on many occasions, without

adequate sun protection, skin becomes drier and one aspect is off.


To regain their health and prepare for the new season, we recommend you follow these steps:

Exfoliation in depth.

Superficial skin cells are targeted
during the summer by exposure to sunlight. Ideally remove the layer of dead cells with

an exfoliation serves, on the
one hand, to remove dead cells, and other, helps to regenerate the skin. Manual exfoliation or peeling will also get a tan make it look more

luminous and more even tone


Plus hydration.

It is normal to
note the driest skin around holiday so owe us pay special attention not only moisturizing facial skin as well as the

whole body.
It is recommended to use a moisturizing serum for the face, containing hyaluronic acid for its properties to hydrate in depth. Using aftersun daily after

the shower is one of the best remedies for body skin because it
hydrates and regenerates the skin, and it also keeps your tan longer. Not to mention that to regain the quality and

beauty of our skin, we should drink 2 liters of fluid a day, between water and natural juices to maintain optimal hydration from the inside. 


Treatment against stains.

After the summer season, and before starting a treatment against stains that have appeared or have become, you
have to wait until the tan has

disappeared completely.
The anti-stain treatments can be performed with specific depigmentation creams that get a very good result when unify the tone of the



Watch your diet.

We are what we eat and this is reflected in your appearance … To recover the lost line and show off the beauty of your skin is necessary that after
the holidays follow

a balanced diet rich in foods with vitamin A. E and C (beneficial for skin). 


photoprotection in autumn.

To prevent skin aging, nothing better than to be
protected all year round with solar photoprotective creams, as the sun is the main cause of

skin aging.
Apply sunscreen every day before leaving home.

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