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Recurrent inflammation of hair follicles could signal hydrosadenitis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Hidradenitis is an inflammatory disease of the skin, “that if

detected and treated early can be controlled and avoid problems

so severe health that limit the mobility of affected patients.”

This was pointed out to CF Javier García Martínez, Service Specialist

Dermatology MQ and Venereology Hospital del Sureste in Arganda

(Madrid), who hand Abbvie, he gave a training workshop

focused on this pathology at the headquarters of CF last week.

As noted, although there is a study underway to detect the

prevalence in Spain, “it is believed to be a disease that affects 1

percent of the Spaniards and the lack of a clear diagnosis leads

many patients do not have adequate treatment and aggravated their

situation. “

  • It is estimated to be a disease that affects 1 percent of the Spanish population

Its characteristics (presence of recurring inflammation, no

bacterial, hair follicles in English, armpits, abdominal folds or

perianal area), “can be confused with other dematológicos problems

as reverse acne and treated incorrectly, leading to

inflammation area as the disease advances even to

immobilize certain joints causing pain. “

This problem “suppurating wounds or abscesses and added

the smell that.”
In fact, “these symptoms make it the

dermatological disease that affects the quality of life of

patients, even above the psoriasis ,
” says García Martínez.

On a scale of impact the quality of life of 1 to 10, “these

patients scored by 9, when the psoriasis is between 5.6 and

7.3 ,
” he explains. The smell and pain refer those affected “is

worse than the itching of psoriasis or dermatitis” he says.
It not ,

however, “is a problem that can be mitigated if caught in time.”

The characteristic of the hidrosadenitis is the reappearance of

“The problem is repeated. It can appear months or a year

and in different areas ,
“he reports. This “must know the pharmacist

to refer cases to consider the primary care physician or

dermatologist, and it makes the diagnosis and treatment set

appropriate depending on
the type of injury”. And, as reported,

“there are
three levels of affectation” (I, II and III). Ideally ,

find the patient at the level I, ie, “when only


  • Quitting smoking and losing weight are some tips you can offer the druggist

Level II presents abscesses and fistulas and III lesions are

distributed over large areas.
In the last two levels the

treatment is more complicated and depend on the severity of the

However, in the first, the dermatologist may recommend the

use of “topical antibiotics applied to the damaged area and measures

hygiene and
diet to control the disease.”

At this level , “the pharmacist is very important because it can

advise, among other measures,” quit (associated with the

disease), losing weight (if overweight), and wear comfortable clothes

(cotton and baggy ” ) exposed.
Smoking cessation is for the

expert, one of the main problems of these patients: ” They

the snuff with relief wounds and do not want to
leave.” Therefore,

“in this sense the pharmacist can help a
lot to offer

tools to quit.

Another tip I can give is to advise that laser hair removal “is

the cornerstone of treatment.
The less hair on the body has

less inflammation of hair follicles, so that patients

develop less severe forms of the disease ,
“he reports. In this

case, “it is best to
see a dermatologist who knows the disease and

use laser diode or
alexandrite “.

“The use of blades for shaving the areas are also advised against

damaged, not irritate and worsen the wounds”.
And although it also

is a bacterial disease, the pharmacist can advise “the use

of non –
irritant and antiseptic soaps, because bacteria play an

important role in preventing infection of the affected area.”

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