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Red lips: Keys to choose the right tone according to the color of your skin

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The red on the lips is a trend that has remained in force throughout history and as published by the website of Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia , it is a resource widely used by celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus among many others.

If you’re planning to incorporate a red lipstick on your cosmetiquero,
you should consider some basic rules to achieve a good look using this color as this will depend on both your skin tone as the thickness of your lips.

And to know how to
give the spot to the tone of this striking color according to your features, talk with
Ivan Morales, Make Up Artist for L’Beland Omar Valenzuela, make up artist of Avon , who gave us some clues as to what shades of red are best combined with every skin type.
Warm furs:

This type of
skin are tending towards yellow tone base. They are tan skins more naturally . Brunettes and yellowish, also belong to the classification of warm fur. For those who have this skin is recommended a red that has a base or brownish orange like “Lava Love” Avon Ultra Color or intense rouge of L’bel.
Cold skins

are those that
tend toward blue or pink base tone and have a hard time getting a natural tan, redden easily and tend to sensitivity. People with fair skin are in this classification and for them is recommended a red that has a fuchsia, blue or pink base following the base of original color as the “Red Velvet” Ultra Color Absolut Avon or HD lipstick Ésika .

make up artist of L’Bel, Ivan Morales, shared with us some tricks to create some visual effects to highlight those that make thinner lips and remove the guesos volume.
– To lift lips sad or fall: Outlines the lower and upper lip with a liner without reaching the corner and apply a subtle sheen in the center of it.
– ae Lips: Outlines a tone or skin colored with the same tone labial subtly accentuating the center of the upper lip heart shaped. Esfuma the outline to the center of the mouth and then applied lipstick or lip gloss.

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