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Red spots after hair removal – Pharmacy Post – Todo Dermo

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The red dots in the legs after waxing, shaving razors or even type machines Epilady , may also appear in other body areas after epilation or shaving (back, forearms, English, etc.). These red dots are due to physical trauma suffered by the skin. Sometimes they appear without tweezing and is known as goose bumps .

These red dots are produced by redness around the hair follicle and, in some cases, can lead to infection, resulting grains and even cyst with pus (folliculitis).

In this case, there is an inflammation and infection and is the physician who recommend after depilation using topical antibiotics and / or other methods of hair removal.

If no infection and only red dot appears, this would be a hair does not grow properly. In this case, we speak of pseudofoliculitis. The treatment is based to soften the hair before waxing exfoliate done and making it thinner (when the skin is thicker and curlier hair, the problem is more difficult to solve).

We recommend:

• moisturizers with Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliates Use body: Lactic acid (prevents gooseflesh appearance of skin affected by pseudofolliculitis), glycolic acid, salicylic acid . These, they decrease the thickness of the skin and prevent the hair follicle close and moisturize the skin (the drier, folliculitis).

• Two or three days before waxing, topical solutions with azelaic acid (antibacterial action, Antirojeces and depigmenting).

• The day before, exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub and then wash with antiseptic soaps containing benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexidine.

• prior massage before depilation mitt and after epilation, applying a topical solution of azelaic acid and aloe vera gel 100%.

• In extreme cases, the antibiotic would apply just before waxing or shaving lotion form.

And if you go to bask in the days, photoprotection 50 +, ultra-light or gel texture.

If the above recommendation the problem persists, it is best to consult with your dermatologist if you have a hormonal problem and to recommend another form of hair removal as would be the laser.

And if the red dots are not due to waxing ( “gooseflesh”), the ideal is to use moisturizers with lactic acid .

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