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What are remedies for peeling skin after a sunburn?

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     “Remedies for peeling skin after a sun burn”

Sunbathing is a sure and generally accessible way to get a bronze tan, but in all good measure. Unfortunately, the negative effect of ultraviolet on the skin is often ignored in the race for a beautiful shade of the skin, so after an abundant sunbath, many face sunburn and peeling.

As a rule, the skin after sunburn is strongly flaky as a result of the death of the upper layers of the epidermis, which looks not very aesthetically.

Why does the skin after sunburn peel?

Most often, the skin after sunburn is scraped by the owners of skin of dry and normal type. In this case, for excitement there is no reason, because in addition to aesthetic discomfort, nothing more bothers.

But sometimes peeling is one of the signs of sunburn, accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations and in need of urgent treatment.

A dark and even tan is the result of sufficient production of melanin, which not all are present in sufficient quantities. In this case, the risk of burns increases against the background of the destruction of skin cells. Solar burns are manifested:

  • unpleasant sensations and discomfort that appears after touching the damaged skin;
  • the appearance of vesicles filled with fluid, and swelling of the skin;
  • noticeable reddening of the skin and the appearance of dead and separated particles of the epidermis;
  • the emergence of irritating pain;
  • peeling of the skin.

Why does the skin after sunburn peel?

Most often, the skin on the face after sunburn, as well as on the back and chest, flakes, because these parts of the body are more exposed to direct sunlight.

Skin peels from sunburn, as a rule, after reducing the intensity of the above symptoms and in this case you can do without special treatment.

If the soreness of the skin is accompanied by fever, chills, muscle aches, weakness, it is necessary to seek qualified help.

Scaly skin after sunburn: what to do?

After excessive drying, the skin begins to peel off. Understanding etiology is essential to determine the main therapeutic measures. In this case, it is necessary to replenish the water reserves that are depleted in the framework of a certain organism.

Act immediately if the skin is very flaky after sunburn. What to do in such a situation, specialists will prompt, but people do not always turn to qualified help. In this case, remember that the treatment should be carried out from three sides:

  • Moisturizing the skin with various topical nutrients, which must be treated directly affected areas.
  • Abundant use of water in volumes of at least 3 liters per day. This recommendation should be treated with caution to people suffering from arterial hypertension and impaired normal functioning of the kidneys.
  • Filling the body with the necessary vitamins, among which it is recommended to give preference to vitamin complexes with a sufficient content of vitamin B, which is responsible for the timely regeneration of the skin.

Scaly skin after sunburn: what to do?

If the skin on the body is after sunburn, special attention should be given to local preparations aimed at improving the skin condition. For these purposes, you can use:

  • fatty nutritious creams with vegetable and olive oil;
  • any vegetable oil;
  • mask with yogurt or yogurt, the results of which will be the elimination of redness and softening of the skin;
  • special medicinal products aimed at the restoration of damaged skin;
  • Fruit masks with anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

Often, when the face is peeling after sunburn and other areas of the body with sensitive skin, people treat them with petroleum jelly or lanolin, but these drugs should be discarded.

According to the experts, the result of their application is an increase in the effect of irritation. This also applies to topical preparations containing hormones in the composition.

Useful tips and preventive measures

Almost always sunburn is sunburned as a result of sunburn. What to do in this case is obvious, based on the recommendations presented above. But it is necessary not only to look after the skin, but also to avoid traumatic manipulation.

So, during the reception of the shower, hot water, harsh soap and any exfoliating procedures are contra-indicated. This will lead to more irritation of the skin, dryness and an increase in the healing time.

The best way to deal with any problem is to prevent it. It is strongly recommended to avoid getting sunburn, so that the face does not peel after sunburn. What to do to avoid serious damage to the skin, almost everyone knows, but recommendations are usually simply ignored.

Useful tips and preventive measures

The basic rules for obtaining a beautiful tan and preventing burns are as follows:

  • on the beach is not recommended to be after 10-00 am and earlier 15-00, because this time period is associated with the highest activity of sun rays;
  • people with sensitive skin, light, and also covered with numerous moles, it is not recommended to stay in direct sunlight for a long time without preliminary treatment with sunscreen;
  • the risk of getting sunburn at times increases in windy weather, when a person does not feel the negative impact of sunlight and does not suspect about the danger.

If the feet are after the sunburn and other parts of the body even after a certain time, it is recommended to see a doctor, because this symptomatology can indicate a serious illness.

And all lovers of frequent sunburn should also not forget that excessive sunbathing is fraught not only with the rapid aging of the skin and sunburn, but also oncological diseases of the skin. Avoid this will help to follow the above recommendations and regular use of sunscreen.

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