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Remove stains and facial rejuvenations, best in winter – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Winter is the right season to make certain aesthetic medical treatments. Miguel Sánchez Viera, director of the said Institute of Integral Dermatology , Madrid, “the techniques employed are photosensitive” . Alberto Morano, a spokesman for Communication Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine  (SEME), specifically that these therapies are “aimed at facial revitalization through the use of lasers or pulsed light ; which necessitates treatment peelingchemical, either superficial, medium or deep; sclerosis treatments of varicose veins or veins, and those aimed at combating adiposity more interventional techniques such as liposuction or using lipolaser “. To this list, add Sánchez Viera therapies to remove scars from acne .

  • If some therapies are applied in summer you can leave spots and skin irritation

In the case of facial rejuvenation Sánchez Viera it specifies that done by fractional laser, which aims to generate new collagen. “For removing sunspots Q-Switch, which acts by breaking the pigments they are then eliminated naturally by the body laser is used. If they are spots or blotches type ruby points to lasers such as KTP or PDL “is used.

According Morano both the peelings physical and chemical “prior exposure to the sun and the increased tone of skin color is not advisable because it increases the risk of side effects. Moreover, after carrying them out is absolutely contraindicated sun exposure. “

Winter is ideal for solving the problems of varicose veins , because, according to spokesman SEME, “the dilated veins by higher room temperature hinders the success of treatment.

  • The physician should inform the patient well read this consent

Even the rear sun exposure to the session can cause pigmentation. ” Not forget another drawback if you choose the summer, and that “the use of compression stockings makes more uncomfortable posttreatment. And so it is with liposuction. “


Sánchez Viera recalled that in these cases “the patient has to use daily photoresist 50 as the techniques used renew the skin, removing surface layers, which results in needing protection new skin”.


Morano says that in many cases people do not know the risks of undergoing certain aesthetic therapies in times of the year that does not correspond. The same view is Viera, who urges all professionals to report the best way possible adverse effects. Also appeals to patients, “they should read the informed consent given to them”.

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