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Resistance to antibiotics: a risk to the health of all

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The antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria to combat action of one or more antibiotics. The bacteria have become resistant as a

result of improper or incorrect use of antibiotics, which includes behaviors such as consumption of these drugs without a doctor ‘s
prescription or use of antibiotics

left over to treat viral infections such as flu or cold.

Today, the development of bacteria resistant to antibiotics is one of the most serious threats to public health;
multiresistant bacteria cause 25,000 deaths a year

Around 2,800 people die each year in Spain for this reason. Additionally, this problem generates additional health costs of about 1,500 million euros in the European Union.

If we
continue to consume antibiotics at the current rate, Europe could suffer a throwback to the era before antibiotics, when an ordinary bacterial infection such as pneumonia

could be the death of the patient.
We are all therefore responsible for this problem and we can also contribute to the solution.

Antibiotics helps keep them running

1. Remember that using them incorrectly poses a risk to the health of all

The inappropriate use of antibiotics in humans and animals can cause bacteria to become resistant to future treatment.

2. Take antibiotics only when prescribed by the doctor you

always follow their recommendations on when, how and how long to
use them. Complete the prescribed treatment and, if left over, not keep them or share them with others.

3. Do not forget that are not effective against colds or flu

Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections, they do not cure infections caused by viruses.
They are painkillers and do not relieve pain or fever.

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