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Rice … Thai Couple Beauty Tips

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Back in about 7 years ago … long enough.
😛We see clips of michelle phan bloggers beauty that so many reviews about the Rice Water For Healthy Skin or washing rice was enough. Then we try to follow it. Recognized as the most dramatic because the skin is very soft we do crazy for a while. But as it I come across something new, it clips the tips do not see until DIY Rice Scrub + Mask Now she’s fallen in love rice more seriously now.

Rice has many features that are friendly to the heart and nervous system.
Because rice is a special plant with GABA (GABA), a neurotransmitter that causes mental balance is not normal, anxiety, depression, stress, not germinated brown rice and brown rice over white rice with this substance here.


Thailand’s former use Ngmsawkgaw his face.
I believe it will make your face shine is aglow acne blemishes. Rice flour is used to make skin, hair, skin rash, it is the intelligence of people in the past. At present, the components of the grain are beneficial to the skin. Vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E and gamma Oh How The Santa million. Oh How The Gamma oryzanol is an antioxidant. Inflammation of the skin The skin The enzyme was inhibited by rice pigment melanin. And the pigment from UV rays and reduce wrinkles. And result in the creation of collagen. (A protein that causes the elasticity or bounce) with

     • Rice ½ cup (quality of washing rice will depend on the quality and type of rice used here)
•  water 2 cups •  First wash the rice before with the water cup first. If dust and dirt away •. 

     ½ cup rice bowl prepared. Add enough water to flood Soak the rice for about 15-30 minutes, then bring the poor water turns milky white. This step will help provide vitamins and minerals contained in the water to slowly seep out •  Remove the filter washing rice in a vacuum container. Cold frame roof Can be stored for about 1 week have
also washing rice to be applied to the skin in various ways anyway.

Use a cotton swab moistened with cool water from washing rice to gently massage for 2-3 minutes to get the vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the skin and let dry.

Grain Mask Plating Ngmsawkgaw cool mask and leave it nourishes the same page.
(But do not let the mask dry up a page here. It turned out that the mask will absorb moisture from the surface, we came out of it), if done daily, your skin will feel softer, firmer and more radiant aura.




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