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Rocker makeup and daring, 8 steps to get my look more sugarcane

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Today I tell you how to run and get a rocker and bold makeup, I carry in my last film, ‘The night my mother killed my father’ … 8 steps to get the look!

Hello friends s! As you know 1 month ago I’m shooting a film in Valencia. It’s a comedy that promises to be fun, ‘The night my mother killed my father’ , directed by Ines Paris. I’m surrounded by exceptional companions ( Eduard

Fernandez, Belen Rueda, Diego Peretti and Fele Martinez
) of which I am

learning a
lot. It’s been a very special filming and I’ll keep a wonderful memory of him.
It will be the first movie of my baby! LOL🙂

Although in my 4th month of pregnancy I’m not finding anything, always able to teach and I say, “there you were small” Aiii that emotion!😉

Those who follow me by Instagram  have seen that I posted a picture of the makeover that takes my character , ‘Alex’ in the movie I’m shooting. So today I’ll teach you the steps makeup for a cañero look like the one that takes my character and I tell you how to put you a wig.

Prepare the skin and makeup remover

During a movie
we makeup many days in a row and working hours are very long (12 hours, usually) and if we do not care the skin with good products resents it reddens, dehydrates …

It is very important to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize before and after makeup . “With all makeup beautiful skin looks better , ” says my makeup Sarai.

For this, in this case Sarai has relied on the brand Dr Hauschka . They are high quality cosmetics to activate the self – regeneration of the skin, regulate and balance . I did not know and certainly am fascinated with the discovery .

The products are made from medicinal plants and natural elements , working from the inside out skin. And above smell great. In Madrid you can get ‘Proust’s madeleine’ . Which we have used are:

– I cleaned the face with Milk Cleanser Dr Hauschka . Has fermented oat extract, jojoba and sweet almond oil. It is very tasty.

–  The Facial Toner Dr Hauschka . Has medicinal plant extracts (hamamelis, anthyllis …). Leaves a very pleasant skin feel and smell super good.

– Dr Hauschka Skin Blister Cure . Sarai has put me since the start of filming. This bulb has a flash effect that prepares the skin for makeup. If treatment is 28 days (as we have done ourselves), it manages to balance, regenerate, revitalize and firm the skin. It is amazing.

– Lip Wrinkle Cream Dr Hauschka . Pregnancy I have the most dry and cracked lips, so this lip balm has been indispensable to me throughout the movie. Moisturizes lot.

8 Steps makeup

We are fortunate also to have the collaboration of the firm La Prairie in the movie . I’m a big fan of their products, because they have treatment for skin care in its composition and thus while maquillas you, take care of the skin so they do not deteriorate. Part of colorful Sarai is unconditional products MAC , for its versatility and wide range of colors. The steps to achieve this makeup are:

1. Before the foundation , I prepare the skin with the pre-base makeup Cellular Treatment Gold Illusion Line Filler . Leaves skin very soft and light, with a touch of golden glow. It is amazing, even for the day day, without going makeup gives you a super beautiful light.

2. Illuminate the skin around the eyes to hide dark circles, (which in this movie are many 😀because most was night shooting), eye treatment and concealer La Prairie Cellular Concealing n. 20 .

3. Base makeup La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation (creme blush). And set your makeup with powder La Prairie Cellular Treatment .

4. Brown smoky eye shadow with iridescent Smut mixed with Satin taupe . Cover the eyelid and blend with another clean brush. In the bottom of the eyebrow I have Brulé mixed with Orb (shadows in shades of beige).

5. Eye liner black . I take up, down and into the eye. That of MAC Chromaline Black pro . A trick Sarai for eye liner is, draw the line with dots and then follow the line . And … muucho Rimmel MAC False Lashes Extreme Black .

6. Desert Rose Blush MAC.

7. Red lips , outlined the profiler ‘Redd’ and brought the legendary lipstick , you love me, ‘Ruby Woo’; all MAC.

8. Cejas , shaped with pencil Brunette MAC . They are important in this look.

How do you put a wig?

In the section hairdresser we are working with the firm ICON . I already knew and used some products, but the ‘India’ line did not know , which is that Rachel used for my hair.

The idea is to collect hair, to make it as flat as possible without volume.

1. For this , the hair is collected with a ‘toga’ . That is to collect hair parts. In this case I have, another on the crown front ring and the rest of the hair divided into 2 parts and hooked at the top of the head.

No need to put many forks that also bulge and you have to try to get the minimum volume with the toga.

The hair must be untangled and humid . This addition to moisten with water, Raquel uses Treatment Healing Icon India , in addition to detangle and soften hair, curative treatment is hydration leading Aloe Vera leaf and Quinoa.

2. Put hair gel on the roots comb Combing with patillero and place a stocking or netting covering the entire head to ensure that does not leave any lock of hair.

3. Place the wig and adjust. Sideburns must be in place and the neck must be straight . Move the forks prevent the wig to put on the site you want, so it’s important not to put lots of it .

4. Paste the wig. All have to stick. This leads frontispiece (which is a front of tulle that is glued to my skin for realism). Rachel use glue Prosaid (special glue effect for the skin and does not shine), it applies with a synthetic brush , dries with a cloth, lint, dabbing with a comb metal spike adhere tulle the adhesive and the skin, using the comb support. Bursting head forks to finish fix.

5. Final gloss. To have weight wig and brightness. Rachel using thermal spray Airshine Icon . Also uses Fixer Icon Laca Done.

6. When I take off the wig , (which incidentally is one sooo nice feeling after spending 12 h. With it on 😀). Rachel makes me give pampering in the hair and apply another treatment me to sleep with him. Here is the Oil Indian Oil Icon . Fortifies, moisturizes and removes frizz, also has an aroma very pleasant amber .

As you have seen the hair and makeup team of ‘The night my father killed my father’, we care a lot, both hair and skin . In our day to day it is also important to take this into account (moisturize, makeup remover properly …).

We spent many hours massaged , so we need to use good products and especially products to be us or to our skin type or hair type. To do this the proper diagnosis is essential, not worth the most expensive cream but is suitable for your skin, for example.

To follow my beauty I fully trust Paz Torralba , beauty consultant and his team ‘The Beauty Concept’ We love them !

This is all s friends, and I have wanted you to see the movie … But we’ll have to wait a little …🙂 See you on Monday with new post. You’ll have a nice weekend.

A thousand kisses , Patry


Sarai Rodriguez  Head of movie makeup.
Raquel Coronado  Department Hairdresser of the film.
Pachi Navarro  location manager of the film.


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