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Ruby powder for the new illuminating cream of Galénic – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Galénic presented Tuesday in Madrid its latest innovation, Diffuseur de Beauté is the name of a cream designed to bring light to the skin. As he reported by Julie Saint-Yrieix, product manager Galénic during the presentation that has come TodoDermo, “is indicated for all skin types because all women need at some time or another light on his face.” As reported, the lighting effect is achieved from three points: the color, the relief and hydration .

These three components must be present for the skin to light. With this new product Galenic, formulaic have combined these three components as active powder being ruby and red, the protagonist. “Exception is the active product , ” said Saint-Yrieix. The Ruby Vietnam “brings immediate luminosity”. It has been formulated in microparticles including dry powder ruby, mannitol and cellulose protecting ruby powder moisture cream for all properties are maintained. Cream, under pressure, releases all assets skin and throughout the day. ” Thus, “an immediate but lasting effect is achieved , ” he reported.

In their formulation, besides the powder ruby they include vitamin B3 , which is antirritante and moisturizing; glycerin, which provides hydration and vitamin E , which is an antioxidant.

To test the effect on the skin of Diffuseur de Beauté , laboratories have conducted a study with 31 women pointing that increase the brightness of the face by 74 percent within weeks of using the product daily.
The scent is fruity cream. For use, Saint-Yrieix advises use it daily or even as a makeup base.

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