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Running on the beach: tips, benefits and drawbacks

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Before you begin, but have little experience when running, with 10 minutes at a medium-low intensity will suffice. We do not want inopportune injury or fatigues you too. Just enjoy the scenery and have fun. A pace that allows you to go talking with a partner should be adequate.

1. moderate pace, although they have experience. Running along the beach should be a pleasure, not an obligation. Demand more than necessary is counterproductive. On the beach we burn more calories than normal because of the special characteristics of the land and the environment. That alone and you should reduce the intensity of your exercise. In addition, if you are at too high a rate, you can get injured due to irregularities in the sand.  

2. It is an anti-stress exercise. You’re on vacation, relaxed, with the sound of the sea bottom … It ‘s definitely the perfect place to train and go running stage. Do not neglect this point, if you can not have fun running is something you’re doing wrong. In any case, do not forget to end your career with a good bathroom.

3. Do not run long distances. It is normal, encouraged by the ‘ease’ with which runs on the beach want to go a little further and beyond … Ponte a reasonable goal before heading out to run and then you have to remember that back. No need to be a ‘Baywatch’. Detente the slightest sign exhaustion gradually cool off and walk back. 

4. Spread on shore, but avoid the softer areas. The perfect area is one in which the sand is more compact and somewhat moist. Soft areas are the ‘enemy’ to avoid because of the risk of kinks that may be. Still, if you have the urge to run on water to feel more strength in your calves, which is in short series and not usual.

5. Run back … And back. Due to the unevenness having the edge of the beach, it is advisable to establish a path outward and back. Try to run the same in both directions, otherwise you can overstretching the muscles on one side of the hip, overwhelming them more than necessary. If you do not look strong enough, next time run to the opposite slope. 

6. Beware of ‘obstacles’. Children, sand castles, pits, shovels beach … If you keep a pace can view in good time before the ‘dangers’ you can find running along the beach. Note that you are not alone and that the beach belongs to everyone. If you have to slow down or stop better than crashing against something or someone. Therefore injuries are more common than you think.

7. It is harder to run through the sand. Do not kid yourself, despite the sense of freedom and anti-stress provides jogging on the beach is more work to do on the tartan or in the same street. In addition, the beach sand tends to punish the ankle and Achilles tendon more easily than other surfaces.

8. With or without shoes? The eternal question that we dare not solve, but you have to keep in mind when planning your career. You can run with or without them, so no problem. If you run with shoes, you ‘d better have a specific beach, which are sufficiently light and with great cushioning. If instead you decide to run without them, do not make it your usual technique because eventually you may have problems with your joints. 

9. Avoid hottest hours. A basic point that we often ‘relax’ on vacation. If you take several hours on the beach may belittle the effect of heat on your body and think you’re already ‘used’. Nothing is further from reality. If you run with a hat or visor, you can always cool off and note that the sun is there. Use sunscreen whenever you run day. 

10. You burn more calories. It is shown that running on the beach increases the ‘burning’ calories for several reasons. Sand opposes greater resistance to our stride, which our muscles work harder to move our legs. The heat and humidity will cause accelerated sudoremos more and electrolyte loss. Replenish forces to return, conveniently Hydrate and you can always cool off.

11. Demands more your muscles. You running along the beach you will work your lower body more intensely than any other surface. You will feel like your quadriceps (thighs), and especially your calves, be loaded earlier than usual. It is therefore inevitable that you drop prematurely. That’s why we ask you to go down restraint and the distance traveled. When finished, rest your muscles slowly and do not do it abruptly.

12. Do not run along the beach if you’ve been injured. Since the impact on your joints is higher and the ground is unstable, running along the sand of the beach is strongly discouraged for people who have had recent injuries to ankles, knees or some muscle injury. If you’re in that group, prior consultation with a professional.

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