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Say goodbye to the spots with our DSP range

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The spots are a problem that affects most women. Yet sometimes when we want to account, they already have a “somewhat dark” tone and we find it difficult to hide even with the help of makeup.

Although the best time of year to treat stains is winter, we must make a
maintenance treatment and prevention throughout the year , in summer, when there is more sun exposure , as in the cold months.

What if I am in spring and want to
treat them ? I’m late? Quiet! If you want to treat them before summer arrives, we tell you
how to reduce them effectively . The key is to follow intensive treatment, perseverance and good maintenance.

DSP line of Martiderm has five products that cater to every skin type, each routine and each type of stain. In previous post, we talked about how to treatstains generalized or localized spots . Today, however, we will tellhowtreat any type of stain intensively.

Paramount during the day is a good sunscreen;
Therefore I recommend
Day Cream DSP with a specific action for filter hyperpigmentation and sun protection 50+.

His despigmentante function, along with 50+ sunscreen filter exerts a complete and effective action.
Their mode of use is simple: apply allthe face, whether they are
localized stains like are widespread . Thusthe sunscreenperform a complete protection of the entire face and act preventively.

Is our perfect to wear during the day complement, because
serves as
sunscreen located , especially for localized dark spots. It helps keep despigmentando during the day and camouflages dark stain . Its natural tone suits all skin types.

Remember that sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours
so, to ensure their effectiveness. And with the
Stick Cover of Martiderm , we can do it easily and safely at any time.
What application routine I follow?

After knowing the benefits of our range, now you should know how
use it. The daily routine of day we recommend is the following: first,
apply ½ ampoule proteoglycans Photo-Age ; then use the Day Cream SPF 50+ CREAM DSP and, finally, the DSP-Cover Stick SPF 50+ .

As we explained before, the full range of ampoules of proteoglycans, the
Photo-Age is the most suitable for skins with photoaging and for correcting hyperpigmentation . In our blog we talked about howdealthe aging of our skin naturally and healthily. You can re-read the post by clicking here.

It is the most intensive treatment of
whole range. It is a clay mask getting an occlusive effect allowing better absorption of the ingredients and thus more effective treatment. The most appropriate use is daily.

What application protocol should follow for the DSP-MASK?

To ensure tolerance, gradually apply the mask first three days: the first,
will keepfor 30 minutes; the second, for 1 hour; and third, for about 2 hours.

If tolerance is suitable these early days, we can leave
overnight applied thereafter. However, in case of sensitive skin,recommenddaily, but no more than 2 hours. It is easily removed with warm water and, after drying the skin, we can apply our usual treatment night.

We can choose, as nightly routine, continue
make a depigmentation treatment, complementary to our treatment
anti-aging usual, with the DSP-Renewal Cream . Or opt for our blisters night Alfa-peeling for a smooth renewal of our skin, unify the tone, and also moisturize and firm.
What daily routine night I follow?
Use DSP-MASK daily up to 2 hours : applying DSP-MASK 30 min to 2 hours and remove.

Option A: Apply DSP-Renewal Cream + Anti-Aging Serum PROTEUM or Krono-Age.

Option B: apply ½ blister Alfa-Peeling + cream usual.

Use DSP-MASK daily overnight :

Option A: Apply DSP Renewal Cream + Anti-Aging Serum PROTEUM or Krono-Age +

Option B: Apply ½ ampoule Alfa-Peeling +

Do not forget that the key to a good result is consistency.
Finally, if you want a good
maintenance during the summer months , we recommend the following routine: apply the DSP Brightening Serum day and night before the usual treatment and once a week, the DSP-Mask mask for 30-45 min .

Today we talked about our despigmentante range.
Do not hesitate to follow attentive to our blog for all the news and new content we publish.

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