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Season change, change of wardrobe: ten tips

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1. Empty your closet first : the first tip is to use to clean and freshen up your wardrobe and drawers. This way you give a new provision to all your wardrobe and a pleasant smell that will encourage you with the change of season. It is a task that takes time and energy, but it is essential to maintain our impeccable clothes. 

2. Decide what we give and what we were : we must be objective and get rid of what you do not use it , not worth to us, is in poor condition or simply do not like. Maria Aguirre, editor of Women ‘s fashion today, gives us his trick: “costs and much decide what clothes we were, but we must try to get rid of what you do not use. The rule is to donate anything that you do not put in last winter. Thus shalt thou make room for the new. ” 

 3. Save the clothing that is another season and we were : the advice is to keep all your clothes clean and pressed, to avoid getting wet, yellow or damaged. Store it in boxes and labels. Cantal Ceña, fashion editor of the magazine, proposes: “There garments worth saving for new trends. For example, a pair of jeans you can ‘break’, turn the bass or cut to look like new. In addition you’ll have fun doing it . ” 

4. Basic Preserve : what are clearly different garments to keep in the closet all year which, however, are for a particular season. Stylist José Herrera proposes to maintain “timeless and versatile garments; jeans, basic T – shirts, flowing blouses, tailored shirts, blazer, perfect jacket, cardigan, scarves or pashminas, a blucher a stiletto … “. 

 5. What should be bent and what hanged when choosing which is hung or folded essentially is the type of fabrics, if much or not wrinkle, it is recommended that shirts or tops, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants go hanged. T – shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys can be rolled up . “We must keep garments with brocades, feathers, sequins or reverse and individually and fur garments out of bags or fabric covers, so that the skin transpire , ” said Herrera. 

6. How to put clothes : first thing we have to do is separate casual wear from the office. Andrea Arabia, Mujerhoy.com coordinator, gives us this original advice: “I organize the hangers for days of the week, as I get up very early and leave clothes ready so quiet I can choose my looks every day.” The most practical is to group it by type and color. To use the maximum space is recommended that the hangers are the same size and in the same direction. 

7. How to put shoes: we bring together those who are sports, boots, ballet flats, heels, group each type together … and then by palettes and textures. Heels for example they manage the size of the heel. Jorge Gilarranz stylist recommends us “for convenience we must place the shoes according to the use that we give, such as rubber boots and shoes at the end that we like the first.” 

8. How to put ons: it is essential that all are visible, but forget us. There are a thousand ways to arrange them in a good jeweler and hung on mirrors or shelves or boxes. Bags must be color and sizes. Belts and separated and visible handkerchiefs. Gilarranz believes “for supplements do not need many modifications, we must remove those that are raffia and canvas or sailor’s example.” 

9. Professional applications : those who prefer to delegate the task to a professional should know that there are personal shopper or applications that handle help in changing season. One of them is Notorious  is personal advice from fashion experts, beauty and wellness. It is a very practical way of bringing the closet always with you.

10. The objective is to have and maintain a good wardrobe: Change clothes is one of the most stressful times, but do not spend the days flying. The basic idea when changing wardrobe is to clean, be honest to keep what you’ll really want to do so hollow to the new, it is preferred quality to quantity. When you go shopping check your closet to see what your objectives and your purchases are a success.

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