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What is the secret of your natural beauty?

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“Secret Of Natural Beauty”



Do you want to wake up with natural beauty like, say, Penelope Cruz? Information cut: You do not need expensive products, aggressive chemicals and a lot of time to have smoother skin and healthier hair. Natural beauty comes from the basics: sleep well, use sunscreen and drink enough water. But some of us, with crazy schedules and families to take care of, we’re lucky if we manage to wash our faces at night.

If your goal is minimal makeup, a natural appearance, pretty skin is the key. “If you’re not getting enough sleep at night it will look like it on your skin. You will have more fine lines and wrinkles, your skin will look dull and it will be drier. “Here are 15 ways to achieve natural beauty.

  1. Clean
    Clean impurities before going to bed with a mild cleanser. Keep cleansing wipes near your bed for tired nights when getting out of bed seems like running a triathlon.


  1. Moisturize
    Apply a moisturizer in the morning and evening after washing your face. Brands from Aveeno to Perricone MD offer many options.


  1. Sleep
    Having your dream of beauty is not a myth, repair your skin and hair at night so that you look younger and healthier in the day. Try to sleep at least eight others to optimize your chances to have natural beauty the next day.


  1. Natural scrubs
    For a radiant complexion, cut some grapes in half and spread the sides cut on clean skin. “French women have taken their love for good wine to another level. These girls use freshly cut and crushed grapes on their skin to make it feel softer and more youthful. “


  1. Fight against dark circles
    There are many natural home remedies such as almond oil to eliminate dark circles under your eyes. You can also try soaking a cotton ball in rose water and putting it on your eyelids for 10 or 15 minutes every night for a few weeks and you will notice the difference.
  1. Wetted strands
    When you wash your hair at night, apply a mask for the hair. After washing it, apply argan oil from the tips to the roots and sleep with it with damp hair.


  1. Sexy eyebrows
    Nothing is more naturally sexy that good eyebrows. Comb your brows up to have a Cindy Crawford look. If you want more color or definition.
  1. Pink skin
    If you use an inked moisturizer on your moisturizer, the extra hydration will give you moisture.


  1. Sleep on silk Silk
    pillows help fight frizz. The cotton pillows leave you with lines on the face which can cause wrinkles in the future.
  1. Humidifier Humidifiers
    are not just for the colds season. By releasing moisture in the air you can keep your skin soft and prevent dryness.


  1. White teeth
    After brushing your teeth at night, soak your brush in baking soda and brush again. Once a week is enough to prevent damage.


  1. Sexy
    lashes Do you want thick and sexy lashes? Excessive mask can make a mess on your eyelashes. Use a cotton swab to apply castor oil to your lashes to help them grow longer and stronger. Wash in the morning.


  1. Cold eye cream
    It’s not just about applying cream religiously at night, but also keeping it cool. Refrigerate your favorite brand of eye cream and apply it before going to bed.
  1. Treatment for acne
    If natural remedies like cinnamon and honey, aloe vera or antibacterial tea tree oils are not working on your acne, put some Bye Bye Blemish on it before going to bed to kill bacteria and clean your pores .

  1. Firm neck and jaw
    Practice some facial yoga to keep your chin and neck toned and young. According to facial yoga expert Danielle Collins : “Just as your body needs regular exercise to be toned and firm, the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised. As they become stronger through exercise they are lifted and reaffirmed and the skin attached to the muscles is lifted and tensed, reducing lines and wrinkles. “

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