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Sefac develops new AF protocols in skin diseases – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The Spanish Society of Family and Community Pharmacy (Sefac), in collaboration with Almirall has developed a new guide for pharmaceutical care in skin diseases more frequent. The manual entitled protocols in community pharmacy to major skin problems has been coordinated Augusto Gonzalez community pharmacist in Seville and Gema Herrerias, Dermopharmacy member of the Andalusian Council of COF and author of the blog Dermopharmacy. Overall, the objective “is to provide a series of basic keys to the Community pharmaceutical may act effectively both in the early stages and those stages where there is already a previous diagnosis by the primary care physician or dermatologist “report from Sefac.

  • All authors who have participated in this manual are pharmaceuticals

The book assumes widespread ignorance of dermatological diseases because the patient mistakenly believes that skin care is limited to the photoresist. “This infracuidado represents both a challenge and an opportunity for community pharmacist in this guide provides a series of guidelines for action , ” explains Paola Gonzalez, coordinator of the Group of Dermatology SEFAC.

To meet the demands of patients , the manual contains protocols for atopic dermatitis , responsible for 27 percent of consultations, alopecia , which accounts for 21 percent, the hyperpigmentation , with 11 percent, acne and the psoriasis , sharing 5 percent of queries, dandruff corresponding to 6 percent and rosacea with 4 percent, according to the collective.

All authors who have participated in this project are pharmacists, including Morugán Maria Alvarez, expert and author of blog Dermopharmacy La Botica de Blanca . Specifically, Morugán has been in charge of the chapter on advice from the counter cellulite because, apart from the mentioned diseases are treated other skin problems like scars, attacks by external agents and descamativos processes like dandruff. Each chapter provides a definition of each skin condition, the differential characteristics and a specific protocol for each.

To access this guide you can be ordered on the website of Sefac or digital format through the Club of the pharmacy of Almirall.

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