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Self-healing: 7 tips to visit less to the doctor and take less medication

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Under this strong premise, the authors of   “The Expropriation of Health” ( Ed. Books Lynx ), Mercedes Pérez-Fernández and Juan Gervás , gather to Mujerhoy the seven keys that will help enhance the capacity of self – healing.  

1. The adversities of life are life.  You can get up happy and cheerful. Someone will come to bust a day, or something that will burst. Are more or less serious daily adversities, such as the washing machine breaks, termination of employment by email, macho that bothers you, ankle , you twist it , the food you feel bad, the friend who does not call … thousand things! But every day has its own malice, a new dawn, in which you can get up happy and cheerful. You do not need doctors or medicines to overcome the adversities of life.  

2. Discouragement is not depression.  Sometimes the mood is low. With or without cause definite cause, there are days and seasons when the picture is tedious, gray and / or boring. Nothing has changed substantially but lack push. Yesterday you ate the same world and today it seems that the world can you! Even the typical bad news with which we intoxicate you today seem more real and true, and you get to mourn. Allow yourself to mourn. Let your mind be a little slide as it is normal. Discouragement does not require doctors or medicines.

3. Your body is beautiful. They pretend you have perfect bodies and set canons impossible to fulfill. Give the guy is impossible. You end up thinking that failures, you’re no longer what you were, everything “falls” in your body, the skin shrivels. Some people feel this at 18, who at 40, who at 75 because … it’s all so relative! However, your body is beautiful, it is the body of a woman. If you look in the mirror (without hate yourself) you will see that there are not many extra kilos or thousands wrinkles or puffy skin. If you look closely, you ‘ll see that you’re beautiful in your nakedness, you do not need surgery to “rejuvenate your vulva”, nor accurate doctors that think about your BMI. Index ¿what? “Damn you…!”.  

4. Solidarity is health.  Sometimes silly it seems to put much effort into helping others. You comes from the soul, it costs you and comforts you. You are an NGO to the neighbor who lives alone, weighed down even work mate. You believe in the personal, social and international solidarity. It hurts to see so much suffering of others and commit to relieve it . Some laughs a little about yourself, usually behind your back. They do not know that solidarity increases social health, yours and others. Spend reviews therefore also be solidarity makes you healthier and therefore need fewer doctor and medicines.

5. Optimism helps to live and to enjoy.  It has been shown that optimistic people come to live up to eight years, especially if they see without fear years of age. In addition, optimism becomes more digestible life problems. It has even been shown that optimism helps them cope with serious problems such as cancer. Everything has a positive side, even pedantic brother, the idiot boss or traffic ticket. As little all this helps you maintain and increase the resilience , the strength that allows coping with life. Being optimistic esquinazo given to many medical medicalization intended to piss (excuse).

6. Exercise, especially sexual (serves the dolce far niente).  Many centuries ago the Hita said that of “the good woman always walks lozana required”. That is, pleasurable sex generates health. He told a macho and take back, but he said wisely. I did not know that of Hita, but the physical and mental exercise, the bustle of seeking pleasure, the more and more, the burning calming, sweat is shared, secretions that are mixed, the heart accelerates and hormones that they are enhanced. Well the same with all the exercise they recommend. Serves if you like. In another case, it serves as a companion animal watching shrews, no more. If you can, the daily pleasurable sexual activity prevents many doctor visits, and many medications. Sexual rush is part of the necessary diet.

7. Jobs to take drugs, you choose.  They intended to sell a pill for every ill, but while prohibiting drugs do not control, which brighten the holidays. If you go to the doctor easily you get away with drugs that intoxicate your brain, such as antidepressants, sleeping pills, neuroleptics, analgesics (morphine even!) And others. Good wine does not enter the pharmacopoeia. Neither the boiler. Or cocaine. Zilch, here “hots” none. What they are promoting (often unnecessary and dangerous) “legal” drugs. Made drugs, At least to brighten the mood and festivities!

 “The expropriation of health ‘ , John Gervás and Mercedes Pérez-Fernández is a hymn to quality medicine that offers quality and a critique of commodified medicine, which makes families depend on doctors. Through clinical cases counted in an attractive and fictionalized form, it argues the idea that there is a type of medicine that expropriates people their ability to cope with health problems. 

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