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Serum and moisturizing, two allies that complement each other in skin care – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Moisturizing cleanser, sunscreen product, makeup … The beauty ritual includes many products, but not always known how to apply them properly and how to combine them. What experts have clear is that the use of serum does not substitute moisturizers. “Moisturizing is coat the skin, protects the epidermis from external agents and beautifies while strengthening the skin barrier.

  • Before age 30 it would not be necessary to use a serum, although you can make

Always in our beauty ritual must be present the serum and cream , because they work at different levels of the skin , “concrete hemely Varela, Director of Training Darphin Spain.

In this line Pedro Herranz is expressed, the Department of Dermatology at Hospital La Paz in Madrid, which recognizes that a serum has no moisturizing properties and thus to combat skin dryness, is to be used in combination with other creams.

Having clear the need for both cosmetics, Varela said that the ideal order of application would begin with the proper cleaning of the face, continue with the serum and would be completed with the cream.

As for the best time to use it, the dermatologist advises night, reserving the morning for hydration and sun protection. Varela, however, considered appropriate to use both day and night to enhance their specific benefits to the skin.

Ideally would extend in localized areas, small, such as the face, neck or cleavage , and, as indicated Varela, one should not use the equivalent of more than two or three keystrokes: “This application is deposited in the palm hand, and it extends smoothly upward . Then, gentle pressure is made around the face to facilitate their penetration and finally, using fingertips, little touches are carried out face to activate the microcirculation “.

Both professionals agree that after 30 years and could use this product. Not that at an earlier age can not be, it just is not necessary. Varela explains: “Age is a reference and not a determinant, this varies according to the needs”. In addition, it is suitable for both women and men and “normally usually for combination skin, not very dry , ” Herranz said.

A SÉRUM for every skin
“Depending on the need for a specific serum can find in our range continues the expert Darphin- as Vitalskin, which, thanks to its energizing action, counteracts fatigued and tired skin, and Hydraskin, an energizer designed for dehydrated skin “.

Eventually these cosmetics are concentrated active ingredients hydrophilic penetrate deep into the skin and are specialized for specific treatment.

The dermatologist adds “possess a very light texture and is absorbed very quickly, so that their active penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis. They are cosmetically very nice and do not produce fat. “

Its formulation
To achieve these characteristics achieve proper formulation is essential. ” It is very important to consider the stability of the ingredients, the water – soluble affinity hydrolipidic, the type of active and the art of formulation for each galenical” stresses the expert Darphin.

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