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Seven foods to strengthen hair and nails – Pharmacist Mail – Todo Dermo

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Foods rich in protein and minerals help to have your hair and nails in good condition. At least so says Modesta Cassinello, nutritionist and pharmaceutical pharmacy Modesta, in Granada. “Within a healthy diet, the protein content is important both quantity and balance between animal and plant protein for healthy hair” comenda Cassinello. Seven recommended by this expert foods are cheese, yogurt, legumes, eggs, fish, seafood and red meat but insists on “the importance of having a balanced diet.”

In his opinion, these products are recommended for their high protein content, but also for its contribution of iron . “Iron is an important mineral for strengthening hair. However, not all iron – rich foods have the same bioavailability , ie the absorption capacity on the part of our body , “explains Cassinello. This emphasizes that this pharmaceutical bioavailability depends on the composition of the food itself: “For example, clams, cockles and mussels have a high capacity to absorb this mineral, higher than other vegetable”.

Seafood also have a high content of selenium he comments another essential mineral hair health. “The key is to consume fresh and seasonal foods, which contain all the necessary nutrients for the body , ” he says.

Overall, both for skin care and hair and nails, remember the need to eat fruits season : ” They contain antioxidants such as vitamin C to prevent oxidative stress.” In addition, Nutricosmetics are another option because they increase the production of collagen, according to Virginia Ortega, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Granada. “The most used are compounds containing vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts” qualifies Ortega.

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