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Seven tips to protect you from the sun in the city and the town: Not only is it dangerous on the beach!

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High temperatures and solar intensity to which we are exposed in early summer, when the skin is more sensitive, brings to mind something that, however obvious it may seem, is not usually done: sunscreen throughout the year and in any holiday destination. With the help of Dr. David Romero Riu, a member of Saluspot and dermatologist and plastic surgeon in Epidermos BCN , we review the keys that we have to protect ourselves from ARA solar radiation in summer although we do not bañemos at sea account.  

1. Why should we protect ourselves from the sun although we are not on the beach?

When we are by the sea we know that the sun’s dangerous, but radiation is the same if we walk around town, take a drink on the street or read a book on our terrace. What determines risk is the exposure time to the sun.

2. When is over-exposed to the sun?

Safe sun exposure time depends on the skin type of each person. A very light-skinned person can burn after 20 minutes of sun exposure between 11 and 16 h if not using a photoresist. Instead, a brunette person may be exposed longer without burning.

3. What skin problems can cause overexposure to the sun?

The most common is premature aging of the skin with stains and wrinkles. But most important it is that an abusive alarmingly exposure increases the risk of skin cancer.

4. How to choose a suitable sunscreen if we do not live on the coast?

Photoprotective carry physical and chemical filters, antioxidants and other components that minimize sun damage. The ideal sunscreen depends on skin type and hours of exposure. A light-skinned person working outdoors use a filter 50+, repeat its application regularly and take hat. Instead, a brunette who works in an office from 9 17 h probably will not need sunscreen. A factor of 30 would suffice in most cases.

5. What application format is better?

The trend is to use more fluid photoresists, whether in cream, foam or spray. On the beach, especially for children who are all the time in the water, photoresists are recommended slightly more dense and water resistant.

6. If we burn, should we apply after sun moisturizer or conventional?

The after sun is nothing but a refreshing moisturizer with soothing components. What we must do is wash your face well to come home and apply ourselves cream usually we use. Moisturizing lotion that does well a person is not suitable for another, so a dermatologist should evaluate our skin to advise the ideal type of cream. Overall, one that includes antioxidants, retinol or glycolic acid will be our best ally to counter the negative effects of the sun.

7. What tricks we can protect our skin from the sun in towns and cities?

– Use a cream with sun protection factor not less than 30 every morning.

– If you work outdoors wear a hat and long sleeves and try to be in the shade as much as possible.

– If you sweat a lot, reapply the sunscreen every two hours.

– Use cosmetics based on active ingredients proven to reverse the negative effects of sunlight on our skin.

– Conduct a skin peeling once or twice a year.

– No smoking: The snuff power the negative effect of the sun on our skin.

– Maintaining a healthy diet rich in antioxidants.

– And if we already have burned, skin needs nourishment to recover from the assault. We need soothing products, such as after sun, which lower inflammation.

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