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Seven Tips To Take Care Of Men’s Skin At This Time Of The Year

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We see that men are more and more concerned about their appearance. This time when they dared not devote time to their skin is over. Nowadays, men and women want to live healthy and feel better about themselves.

Men’s skin has its own peculiarities. That’s why, although women’s cosmetics work the same way at home, light textures are better for their skin. Indeed, their general tendency to have a skin more oily and denser predisposes them more to acne and relaxation. They also have a higher amount of elastin and collagen, which delays the appearance of wrinkles. In this post, we will give you ten tips to take care of men’s skin.

To have a healthy skin and well cared for, it is important to clean his face morning and evening. During the day, our skin accumulates polluted environmental particles and, during the night, the skin has its own secretory mechanisms, thanks to which we wake up in the morning with shiny skin because of the eliminated toxins.

It is therefore necessary to clean the skin with a gel specially designed for the face. Do not use hand soap or body soap on the face as they may destroy the natural protective layer of the skin. The skin will then defend itself from aggression by increasing the production of sebum, which could lead to the appearance of rashes (pimples) and the presence of irritation. Tip:  If you rinse the soap with cold water, you will close the pores of your skin, which will look softer and smoother.

As winter approaches, the wind and cold put the skin under greater stress. It is then necessary to adjust its hydration so that it can cope with low temperatures.

Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with an exfoliating face. Apply a moisturizing mask immediately after removing the peel, which will give you extra hydration.

As mentioned above, when it is colder, you must protect the skin of your face against external aggressions before going out.

Here is the essential duo:  GF Vital Age Cream for normal / combination skin with epidermal growth factor and UVA / UVB sunscreens.

Reinforced by the Krono-Age Serum that helps fight the slackening of men and define the oval of the face.

Look care.  Do not forget this area that requires special attention, because the skin that covers it is thinner and subject to greater water retention. This is where the first signs of fatigue and age appear (puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles). Apply an eye contour every day.

Always on the issue of eye care, take care of your eyebrows!  This is another care that is no longer reserved for women. Many men have taken the good habit of taking care of their eyes. However, unlike women and generally speaking, men need to keep eyebrows thick and straight. Of course, they must clear the space between the eyebrows and cut the hair if they are too long. In case of doubt, it is better to go to a specialized beauty salon where your eyebrows will be analyzed and the result will be guaranteed.

If you’ve adopted beard fashion, you can now count on many products specifically designed to keep it soft and clean. You can visit a barber salon once a month to keep a neat image.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the men who prefers to have a clear face, we recommend that you shave after the shower. The warm water will soften your skin and prepare it for shaving, which will make it easier and lessen the irritation of the skin.

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