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Severe atopic dermatitis: advances the treatment with biological drugs – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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An international multicenter study demonstrated the long – term safety of biologic therapy in patients with severe atopic dermatitis. This research, with the intervention of Spanish hospitals, has analyzed the action of dupilumab, a monoclonal antibody with anti – inflammatory properties . In this phase III clinical trial have been involved 740 people who could not control the disease with topical medications , including corticosteroids with or without calcineurin inhibitors. Patients receiving placebo or two subcutaneous doses of dupilumab, weekly or biweekly antibody.

  • “We need to make the leap to a new therapy, demonstrating a good safety profile”

According to Pedro Herranz, head of the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital La Paz in Madrid, and one of those responsible for this work, at 16 weeks 40 percent of the participants clarified completely, or almost, skin lesions , while 70 score 75 was reached in the area and severity index eczema ( eczema area and severity index, EASI ).

With these results, Herranz is confident that “the beginning of a career of therapeutic developments similar to that lived psoriasis , for which families have developed new highly effective and safe drugs. We hope that with atopic dermatitis go the same way: the arrival of therapies that can be maintained without adverse effects, and help these patients, whose quality of life is terrible without proper treatment. “

Thus, one could solve the problem posed by topical corticosteroid creams and calcineurin inhibitors, which have side effects. “The corticofobia explains that many of them remain undertreated. So we need to jump into a new therapy, demonstrating a good safety profile, which is essential for a usually young patients with a chronic disease , “said Herranz. In addition, this specialist recalls that the daily care are a fundamental pillar for those affected” .

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