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Sex on the first date: 7 things that you do and 7 things you should not do

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The decision on whether to have a sexual encounter on the first date depends on each person, place, situation and history of his life and is in each case something entirely different, as explained Silvia Sanz and Silvia Fonseca, psychologists skilled in sexología of PsyTEL (www.psytel.es). Therefore, when defining the keys to the first night of sex prove rewarding, advise him or her the following questions becomes: “What are your realistic expectations regarding the intimate encounter”, “Is this will generate fault then? “” do you feel some kind of external pressure (friends / os who encourage you to do so much time alone, wanting to feel wanted / a …) “… And so, if after answering these questions, you are open / or the possibility of having sex with a new partner, these are your tips …  

What I do you do:  

1. respects . With mutual consent anything goes. 

2. Never do anything you do not want. If you do not like something, tell the other person.

3. Practice with open mind. Good sex also has to do with attitude.

4. Listen to the other and show  interest in their desires .

5. Adopt a fun attitude and enjoy the present moment. 

6. Take responsibility for your pleasure. Express your needs and try to meet them .

7. Take care of yourself, protect yourself and practice safe sex. It is a basic rule. Use condoms to avoid contracting any disease or having an unwanted pregnancy. 

What you must not do:   

1. Becoming a character that is not you. Be yourself / or respecting others and yourself / o.   

2. Do or say things that really do not think and never would .   

3. Being too honest / a . Before you say what you think, ask yourself why and what you’re going to say.   

4. Do something that hurt or getting caught doing things they do not want to do. Put yourself in the place of another, be careful / a.   

5. Be afraid. Take advantage of that is someone who does not know you sexually to innovate, and be amazed. Let yourself go. Free your mind and your body will follow. Seeking new positions, back, side, standing, … everything your imagination will let you.   

6. Acomplejarte . Imagine sexy. Behave sexy. You’ll feel sexy. Do not forget to play. Nothing like game for free.  

7. Think only the other enjoyment . Be selfish. Think of yourself and your pleasure. You can not give to others what you can not give yourself / a.  

If after having your first sexual encounter with a new partner, you want to assess whether or not it has been rewarding, remember that orgasm is not the right thermometer. Thus, as explained by the experts of PsyTEL not reach orgasm during the first sexual encounter is more common than we think, because they play an important role both nerves, and the demands and expectations that we generate for ourselves and to the other part. Therefore, as recommended, it is more important to enjoy the moment, have fun and have fun. “You know it has been a success when both are willing to repeat” , stand out. 

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