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Shopping of the week: Say goodbye to the spots on your face

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Some women are more likely to be pigmented with the passage of time and others come with birthmarks skins, however, these brands today can be hidden and even deleted some miraculous cosmetics:
spotsIt’s an essential product to keep in your wallet or yes . This, resistant to wrinkling, lasting coverage will camouflage the imperfections as fading that occurs on the inside lid, plus stains caused by the sun. It can be used alone or over makeup.
Price: $ 17,500. Available the corners of Ripley, throughout the whole country.
spotsThis corrector is used to cover dark circles and imperfections more noticeable. Vitamin E has, Alore vera and chamomile, delivering a refreshing care for all of us.
Price: $ 4,890. Available in corners of Falabella throughout the entire country.
spotsFor Bobbi, this is the universal beauty secret. This kit includes a matte concealer and powder to achieve a long – lasting effect. Available in 14 different shades.
Price: $ 18,000. Available in all stores Bobbi Brown .

spotsSkin color is one of the most latent concerns we have, because we want to always be uniform and evenly. Although this is one of our greatest desires, at some point in life begin to appear some spots, that because of age or excessive sun, settle in some parts of our face and neck. That came the new depigmentation therapy Neotone, which has a day cream ( Neotone Radiance ) and another night (Neotone night ) which prevent and treat skin blemishes and also protect you from injuries caused by UV rays .
Radiance day Neotone price: $ 15,490. Price Neotone night: $ 17,490. Available at major pharmacies nationwide.
spotsThe fluid despigmentante Eucerin regulates and reduces the appearance of spots and skin discolorations, so your skin will be more radiant and more even tone. This occurs thanks to the formula based on dioic acid, which has been shown that this cream and regulates the production of melanin in the skin, thus combating stains in hyperpigmented areas. Used for all skin types, it contains SPF 20, anti UVA protection and is an excellent foundation.
Price: $ 17,990. Available in large pharmacy chains across the country.
spotsThis cream will help to take care of daily appearance of your face and you eliminate those pesky brown spots that appear over time. For this, you must apply every morning on face and neck. Along with being an excellent foundation, Mela-D of La Roche Posay will significantly reduce the intensity of the spots from the second month of daily application.
Price: $ 23,000 (30 ml container). Available in large pharmacy chains across the country.

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