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Patients with atopic dermatitis have skin with features that require very specific cosmetic products. For them, the best are preparations containing natural substances rather than those containing too many derivatives synthesis.

In addition, “truly have to carry active ingredients (that soothe the itching, which reduce inflammation)” explains Just Rodriguez-Peral, pharmaceutical and Ducray A-Derma , Pierre Fabre. Thus it suggests choosing products with a very small number of components (including active ingredients and excipients) and, finally, that do not include preservatives in the composition.

The expert also notes the importance of personalized advice and go looking for the cosmetic that is tailored to the individual characteristics of each patient with dermatitis.

“Experience shows that some products that people are phenomenal others go very badly, bite them and irritate them.” He explains: “Sometimes what can happen is that the person has applied on eczema cream at a time when it is in full inflammatory intensity. And that itches all. “

As for the possibility of using Vaseline, recognizes that there are dermatologists who trust blindly in use as an emollient. “Mend exclusively on his qualities as a barrier and its apparent low cost”, but remember it is “quite complicated to use, stain clothes, at body temperature becomes even more liquid and remanence is due to end wringing throughout the body surface”.

As a solution, proposed creams sold in pharmacies combining petrolatum with various wetting agents, such as glycerin in emulsion form, and which offer the same results as liquid paraffin. Even he speaks of creams, milks or balms nice textures and complete and perfectly adapted to atopic skin compositions.

“Also, depending on the degree of dry skin, use is preferred more fluid textures or textures more fat and unctuous , ” says Rodríguez-Peral, but points out that it is not just a matter of taste touch or skin .

No fear of corticoid TOPICAL
also talks about the fear of losing topical corticosteroids. “Many black legend about the use of corticosteroids (if produce dwarfism, which are very harmful if …)”. However, according to the pharmaceutical, none of that is true if used as indicated by the dermatologist or pediatrician. ” It is very difficult to produce a topical corticosteroid serious and irreversible side effects when indicated by a physician.”

In fact, as indicated, ” dermatologists with over 20 years of clinical experience demonstrate no adverse effects have been found serious by a topical corticosteroid used in atopic dermatitis throughout his career”.

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