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Six tips to take care of the skin of people with diabetes – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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There are diseases such as bacterial or fungal infections affecting more diabetic patients , to prevent them , apart from glycemic control it is essential and nutritional skin care. “Everyone should be instructed in some basic rules of self – care , paying particular attention to hygiene and inspection of the lower limbs and feet , ” he told TodoDermo Ana Pulido, a dermatologist at the University General Hospital Gregorio Maranon in Madrid. “They should monitor conflict areas such as the feet” , agrees Constance Bahillo, a dermatologist at the Medical Center Palencia and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV).

1. Dry skin . ” It is essential to dry properly entire skin, focusing on areas such as English and armpits” said Pulido.

2. Hydrate . To strengthen the skin, emollients Bahillo recommended daily.

3. Wide Shoes . “Using a comfortable shoe reduces the appearance of corns or chafing , ” says Pulido.

4. Padding plant . Bahillo recalls that promotion in pharmacies can recudir ulcer development.

5. Nail . ” There is need for nails carefully to avoid injury, if there are problems, it is best to see a podiatrist , ” says Constance. “These lines must be cut and, if necessary, limes disposable cardboard can be used , ” added Pulido.

6. Frequent Inspection . For the feet, Pulido advised to check the area to be alert to any injury to reduce the risk of infections.

Experts agree that the pharmacist should instruct patients on healthy lifestyles and strengthen self – care guidelines and inspection of skin surfaces. “From the pharmacy should promote foot care, stressing the need to protect them and consult before any alteration to appear , ” Pulido said.

For supervision from the apothecary , this Dermatologist gives the following notions supported by the Guide pharmacotherapeutic monitoring diabetes at the University of Granada:

– Health education with special attention to diet to prevent overweight, and daily hygiene.

– Control of drug administration .

– Alert to factors such as infection or surgery can be triggers of pathologies associated with diabetes.

– Symptomatic treatment if necessary such as the appearance of small scratches or wounds because of a court.

Regarding the use of cosmetics , Pulido bet so prepared incorporating humectants such as urea (between 5 and 10 a) or sodium lactate : “Whenever there is a greater dryness and the patient tolerates” qualifies. To prevent the risk of skin reactions suggest Bahillo hypoallergenic and free perfume products.

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